What are Dreams? 3 Years worth of documentation

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What are Dreams? 3 Years worth of documentation

Postby Chevalier » 25 Dec 2014 06:13

This information was obtained by lucid dreaming daily for 3 years.

I have tried all the things possible while Lucid Dreaming, the important thing that you have to know is that not everything in your dreams is of your own creation, the dream world is the "international" hub for all conscient beings(HUMANS in this regard, probably animals as well but I have no proof as they are easily moldable, they do not talk and they only react to violence or affection, they don't have REASON), how to tell them apart? When you try to change the appearance of a "dream" character, they will get angry and attack you, some of them will know they are dreaming, some of them will cower and cry, what you have to know is that other Lucid Dreamers are dangerous, and the reason why you haven't met any Lucid Dreamers that can alter you is because you aren't in the right layer..
Contact is mostly visual and auditive between dream characters or other dreamers, language or communication is impossible, I have tried, possibly experiment with sign language, but the possibility of the other dreamer knowing of it is incredibly small.
We are a bee hive.

I have altered the perception of time in my dream and have lived more than 100 years in a few hours(one night), but I haven't done it more than once, it felt extremely tiring the time I did it, constant reality checks had become my daily routine in order to keep it that long. Sleeping while Lucid Dreaming is not advised but it is what you need to do if you want to advance layers and find more answers, I have not reached the final layer, I don't think there is a final layer, but if you reach it then you might not be coming back, the final layer is perhaps the only way to reach information that only your soul contains, and god forbid that information is more than your current physical form can hold, you could go insane, I just theorize.

I have created personas of myself, duplicates, I have battled nightmares(generated by looking into mirrors), thankfully I am only afraid of balloons, so I only had balloon nightmares.

!Now before I go into discussing duplicates of yourself, know this: YOU ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON, IF YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF THIS IT WILL LINGER IN YOUR DAY TO DAY LIFE AND RESULT INTO PERSONALITY DISORDERS. If you did this and it lingered into your day to day life, then know this: FOCUS ON CALM THOUGHTS, GOOD-WILLED THOUGHTS all the time, you will have hallucinations of seeing yourself, of hearing yourself give advice to yourself and so-on, be careful! THIS IS THE ONLY RISKY PART OF LUCID DREAMING AND DOING THINGS LIKE I DID.

You are not the same person, because it remembers every detail of your life, every bit of information, that person is the subconscious, would you be the same person if you remembered all the details of your life? "We" are not the brain, the brain is a different entity, "we" are the soul. Knowing this I began to question what we really are, are we invaders?

The most controversial part of all of this is coming now, believe me or not it is your choice entirely.
I have slept FOUR times while Dreaming in a DREAM.

First Layer: The one you become lucid in, normal moldable dream, nothing special in here, it's a digital playground that has a reset timer on it.
Second Layer: Things are becoming more apparent, colorful, physical, the world is yours to modify at will, but not with power of thought or concentration, only with voice commands(Don't know why.). This is where I met other Lucid Dreamers that have been nothing less of hostile, angry beasts with no control over their actions. Some Dreamers have just created bubbles that you can't enter, it's like they have their own space that you are not allowed to invade, I haven't been able to talk to anyone in this layer. If you die in this layer you wake up, nothing bad happens, just wasted time.
Third Layer: The dream becomes unstable and hard to maintain, you can no longer control your thoughts, you feel pain, you are limited, the landscape is war-scarred, the characters are livid, conscious, you cannot talk in this layer. THERE IS NO SOUND.
Fourth Layer: ..A city, with no colors, no form, I have no form yet I see a city with colors and form while I have a form, the layer of contradictions. At this point I find it extremely hard to maintain and lose my lucidity and wake up in seconds.

First Layer experimentations..

Only reviewing the most important aspects and not the years I have spent living a "normal" life in this layer.
Creating a duplicate of myself and asking questions such as the meaning of life, where can I find the creator of this dimension and other questions of the same nature. I have only received ambiguous answers, the meaning of life is death, the creator of this dimension is deeper, I exist because of will, the reason is exist is experience. One word answer to every question. Playing around with the world, recreating past events, creating other dream characters, oddly enough I could not kill or remove the duplicate of myself anymore, as it was following me around and observing my actions, when I was asking it why it was following me, it said: "Documentation.", when I asked it what it is documenting, it said: "Curiosity.", when I asked it why I can't kill it or remove it or if it knew what it was the answers were the following: "Immortal.", "Component.", "You.". I got a bit scared and because of those answers the world got a bit unstable but I quickly regained my footing, after which it said: "Intriguing.".
After this I have only experimented with creating dream characters and worlds, or planets, basically playing god, then it got to me, can I not make time pass extremely slowly while making the characters move faster? Experimenting with this was troublesome but I eventually succeded, I created a world in which time passes slowly but where things move faster, unknown to me I have created a world in which I can live years just like in the real world, reality checks were needed to make sure I keep the dream stable and ongoing. After my '100 years' of reality checks and so on, I have decided to sleep, not knowing what would happen if I had slept in a dream.

Second Layer experimentation.
In this layer you could feel pain, my other self was still following me from a distance in this place.
This layer was insanity itself, it felt like being in a war with creatures capable of PK. There were two sides and a neutral side which were dream characters that acted like.. dolls, unconscious. The insane entities which were incredibly violent and self destructive, and the bubble entities which were 'living' in their own world. I have reached this layer several times and it has always been the same experience, this world has a fast changing form, it is never the same at the same time, this world is GRAY but colorful.. gray. I have spent most of the time researching all the things in this layer.
The dream characters are dead, they do not respond to stimuli or voice commands.
The violent creatures represent previous or current dreamers that are incapable of realizing that they are dreaming in a dream, and have went insane whilst in that dream.
The bubble creatures represent previous or current dreamers that realized they were overwhelmed by the layer and have created a sub-dimension(?? unsure) of their own so they can stabilize their footing in the layer. Outside stimuli or attempts to enter the bubble have proved to be ineffective.

Third Layer
My other self was very, very far away from me, barely visible.
There was no experimentation, I felt only fear as this layer felt as much as the real world as it could feel, I had no powers, no control over the world, and.. no sound. You can feel, smell, see, sense. You can walk in this world just as you would in the real world, everything applies. People.. or, I don't know what they were, they were humans as far as I could discern, they were taking care of each other, hugging each other whenever they made eye contact, I've made eye contact with a lot of them but I haven't gotten hugged once. The world is stable, the world is made of materials, solid materials, the world reinstates the meaning of reality, it enforces it, the sky is blue, there are animals, there is grass, trees, ruined buildings. Dreaming in this world was very, very hard, it took me lots of attempts because of the lack of sound that was driving me crazy, literally and some of the times while in this layer I have lost control of my body, unable to move in the direction I want or just falling to the ground completely motionless.

The fourth layer
The layer of contradictions that I have not been able to stay in for more than a few seconds.
"..A city, with no colors, no form, I have no form yet I see a city with colors and form while I have a form, the layer of contradictions. At this point I find it extremely hard to maintain and lose my lucidity and wake up in seconds." This is all my information on it, it is all I have.

Do what you will with this information, believe it, deny it, it is my own experience that I have shared with you.

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