Can fears influence you while Lucid?

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Can fears influence you while Lucid?

Postby Juggernaut625 » 29 Dec 2014 00:40

Hello everyone. I've got a little question I'd like to ask... And that's "Can fears influence you while Lucid"

I got this question because over the past 2 weeks or so I've had around 2-4 Lucid Dreams, and my main objective has been to gain height when flying. Flying isn't the issue anymore, I can lift myself off the ground and start moving like Superman. (Note for this next part I do actually have a phobia of heights) But here's the deal, I always seem to be in my street when I'm Lucid lately, and my houses aren't too tall (Around 35 foot). I can always manage to get to the top of them, but I CAN NOT go any higher and it's so frustrating. I think I've lost Lucidity in all of my dreams when I attempt to gain height when flying, but it's something I'm determined to do.

Also another question, do you think jumping off of very high buildings will aid my fear of heights?

Thanks guys.

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Re: Can fears influence you while Lucid?

Postby taniaaust1 » 29 Dec 2014 05:01

Yeah any fears you have certainly will impact upon your lucid dreams.

There is also the issue of the subconscious expression too, it may be against what your subconsciousness wants to express or manifest, why you cant go higher then a certain point you are getting to.

Also another question, do you think jumping off of very high buildings will aid my fear of heights?

It depends on what happens when you do it if it will help or it could go the other way and even make things worst. eg I dont have a much of a fear of heights, maybe less then most. Thing is Im scared shitless now to try to jump off anything in my LDs as I had a LD incident where I was trying to fly, believed I could and threw myself in the air to do so.. only to find myself falling and crash into concrete pavement.

That LD was extremely painful, the fall in the LD felt like I broke ribs, I was gasping on the ground in my LD in extremely agony cause I fell instead of fly.. I ended up purposely waking myself up to get out of that LD to get out of the pain (I couldnt change the dream as I was in too much pain with broken LD ribs). Im now thou I didnt have a fear before, too scared to jump off high things and no way will I throw myself into the air even from a stand due to what happened last time I did it and got LD hurt. (that incident shocked me, it wasnt supposed to happen as I did believe I could make myself fly, well the conscious part of me did anyway, obviously my subsciousness had very strong other thoughts).

Hence why Im saying if things went wrong in your LD, it could even make your fear of heights worst. Dreams can be unpredictible!! With this all being said thou, some do master fears throu LD.
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Re: Can fears influence you while Lucid?

Postby dreamstudent » 29 Dec 2014 06:25

I'd argue that yes, they can influence what happens in an LD and I'll give an example that happened this morning to me but first let Me say that yes fear could influence what happens, however, because you are lucid you have much more control over how you react to your fear in your dream rather than a normal dream which generally would become a nnightmare not a dream.
For example: I was lucid for 30 minutes to an hour this morning it was remarkable and at one point in the LD I had done a bunch of things that I just finished and my mind began to wonder all the sudden I was like " don't think of something bad, don't think of anything bad!" And so then my dream created the grudge, which I'm scared of.. And I had a pair of scissors in my hand and just stabbed it in the head and that was that and I continued on with my lucid dream, so the answer is yes, fears can interfere with lucidity but you can react with much more ease and less fear because you know you control the dream.

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Re: Can fears influence you while Lucid?

Postby HAGART » 07 Jan 2015 05:52

I don't fly in dreams well and have the same problem where I get to the height of a house or 3 story building nearby and that's it. It's almost like I hit a 'glass ceiling' (not the corporate term), and there is nothing beyond that point because I don't see anything beyond that point.

I think flying is highly overrated anyway. I get a rush from jumping from tall ledges sometimes 100 feet up. It's more exciting that dumb old flying. Took me a while to get the courage to do it without waking up and still chicken out at times. I fear heights too and prefer my two feet firmly planted on the ground. Not all lucid dreamers are flyers. Some are landlubbers like me and proud of it! 8-)

I've heard it may have to do with personality types as well. Some are carefree and others are more grounded.
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