Is this a lucid dream?

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Is this a lucid dream?

Postby belle-lavande » 29 Dec 2014 16:41

Hey guys :) (English is not my native language so I'm sorry for mistakes)

Let me tell you a bit about me:

-Im 15 years old.
-I dream a lot. Every night I have at least one dream. Sometimes they are around 5.
-Before I learned about lucid dreaming I didn't keep a journal, but I recalled my dreams the moment I woke up and at random times of the day.
-Also I always know when I'm dreaming and I've done reality check couple of times in my dreams (usually looking at my hand). When I had this.. I think it is close to lucid dream experience I was looking around and I was trying to spot mistakes in everything around me (I found some).
-Weird thing about me is that I'm scared of using phones in my dreams. When I'm dreaming I always think that when I use the phone I will also use it in real life. (I've been scared of that for years). Even though I know I won't use the phone in the real world I'm still scared. (There are some similar things I'm scared to do in dreams like this one)

So yesterday I heard about lucid dreaming (a friend of mine told me). I researched mostly in youtube and downloaded an app for lucid dreaming. The same night I went to sleep. I had a dream (I don't really remember what exactly) and I woke up after it. It was early in the morning so I decided to go back to sleep with the thought I'll have a lucid dream.
Then I was dreaming. I always know when I'm dreaming, but this time it was different and more realistic. I had to do my reality check by looking at my hand (I've done it couple of times before while dreaming) and I had more fingers (I did it twice and both of the times I had different amount of fingers). Basically I was at home and I was able to move freely. The thing is I couldn't change the place where I am or anything about the dream. First I tried changing my nail color (didn't work). Everything about the dream was realistic (smell, taste and all). Except my room was looking like old version of it and I spotted some mistakes. Also another thing is that reading text messages from my phone was really hard. And the weird thing is that snow globes (I'm not sure this is how they are called) don't really work. The little santa that was in it fell with the snow inside the ball (I even told that to my mother in the dream). I was really excited that I was dreaming something like that. (I realised it wasn't usual dream after I did the reality check) I also looked into a mirror and everything seemed normal except the clothes I was wearing. The clothes I have in my wardrobe weren't the same.
So I was able to move freely, although there are some foggy moments and I never remember going into my room or moving through the corridor it's more like I teleport. And I'm wondering is this what lucid dream is? Like is it even possible to have anything close to lucid dream the first night after you learn about it?

Btw the first time I was going to sleep I was listening to some music (8 hours video with music for lucid dreaming) and after around 5 minutes my legs and hands became numb and after that I got a really dizzy feeling like there was an earthquake (I read a post where something like that happened to another person). Well I couldn't really fall asleep for the next half an hour so I turned off the music and fell asleep soon after that.

Another thing I remember is that when I was around 10 years old there was that kids show that said you can do anything in your dreams. I believed that and once while I was dreaming I was in dangerous situation. The dream was third person (I have both third and first) and I knew I was dreaming. I remembered the thing with controlling your dreams and tried to fly (I was trapped in a no exit street.. and some guys were coming near me). But it didn't work and I was wondering why isn't anything happening.. and then I woke up.

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Re: Is this a lucid dream?

Postby taniaaust1 » 01 Jan 2015 11:46

Things like flying may not work for some or may be difficult to do as our normal waking mind I guess knows this isnt a normal thing for us to be doing and causes a mental block around it.

Some people when they try to have a LD do manage the first time esp if they thought a lot about it or its something they really desire to do.

The phone fear thing... it sounds to me that you've watched a horror movie at one point with a creepy voice down the phone which has consciously or subconsciously impacted you.

When trying to change your nail colour, dont look at your hands while trying to do it. If that dont work... try to create the nail polish you want in your dream to paint them yourself. To create this, just think of it being where you usually keep your nail polish and then go and get it or you can imagine someone in in the next room and going to come in, pamper you and do your nails for you. Listen out for them to be coming in. (believe they are there in next room, you can call out to them "Im ready to have my nails done now" create in yourself the state of anticipation).

The more realistic you make something in your LD the easier it becomes to achieve as less mental blocks in the way.
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Re: Is this a lucid dream?

Postby belle-lavande » 01 Jan 2015 23:39

Thank you. I was looking at my nails when I tried to change the color. :D
As for the cell phone thing I know why I have this fear, but I can't get rid of it. When I was younger I had this false awakening dream where I took my phone from under my pillow (It was a new phone and I even believed I had new phone) and did something with it. When I really woke up I searched for that phone under my pillow :D. Later I had a dream where someone was outside my front door with a gun and was shooting and when I grabbed my phone to call the cops I didn't because I thought I will call them in real life, too. It is also triggered, because once my friend told me how she sleep-walked.. and my parents have always told me how I talk in my sleep.. so I got the idea that I can do something in real life while I'm sleeping.
God, that explanation. I don't know if you understood anything at all.

And btw I don't know why that flying didn't work. Maybe it's because I was already waking up. I've flown (is that the word? sorry) in my dreams around 3-4 times. It's really fun. I'm not sure if I was controlling the flight or it was just the dream. Two times it was in my city and my hands were near my body, but the third time was different. I was in very well known place (but of course it was a bit changed.. the places are always a bit different) and I had to run few steps before I jump and fly or I had to be at least 2 m. off the ground. There I used my hands (bird-like). And as I was flying around my grandmother chased after me. I had this technique for flying higher and lower, but again I don't know if it was just the dream or me doing it.

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