Do we dream inside our head?

Discuss paranormal activity linked with sleep and dreams, such as out of body experiences, astral projection and psychic dreams.
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Do we dream inside our head?

Postby jamiealexander » 28 May 2012 22:49

This is an area that I'm very interested in.

I know it seems more of a religious/faith or whatever, kind of question.

But looking at it from a scientific perspective, where exactly is the mind? Obviously people have parts of their brain taken out, so is the mind somewhere/everywhere in the brain?

Even Stephen Hawking believes there is different dimensions working at different frequencies, and lucid dreaming is so much based on frequencies. Even meditation takes us to different frequencies.

I'd like to think there was more than one frequency we operated at. It seems silly to think only with what we can see, hear and touch, etc.

What do you think?

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Re: Do we dream inside our head?

Postby Peter » 29 May 2012 06:26

search the board for this topic as we had a good go at it a while back and then ask away
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Re: Do we dream inside our head?

Postby dreamerinmiami » 06 Jun 2012 00:34

I do believe that there are different frequencies and i also believe that we can access those frequencies. spirits are on a different frequency or vibration level, whatever you wanna call it. while having a lucid dream the brain shows a lot more activity than when awake! anything is possible in this amazing universe :D
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Re: Do we dream inside our head?

Postby siddle » 20 Jun 2012 18:50

I love this question.
I would struggle over several paragraphs to explain how I feel about this, the short answer (for me) is no. Consciousness itself is not "in the brain"...not completely anyway. Sure some of your facilities for consciousness are here. For this reason a head injury can affect a person. But it's not the whole story. I do know that when I was a smoker, I had a lot harder time with lucid dreaming. I have read a few reports that naturally released DMT comes from the lungs and not the brain. So I tend to follow the logic that the body is the subconscious mind....therefore I have to believe that consciousness itself is formed from the whole body and not just "the mind/thinker/brain-pan"....

I recommend doing some research on Candace Pert. She is a neuroscientist that works directly with endorphins and even has some very interesting revelations into opiate receptors in the human body.
She has set out to discover answers to this very question. I won't ruin it...I'll let you be shocked by her findings as well. :)
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Re: Do we dream inside our head?

Postby Peter » 20 Jun 2012 21:19

thanks for link, will have a look
Who are you I asked, the reply "dont be silly, we are your daughers" many years before they were born

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Re: Do we dream inside our head?

Postby SnorlaxDreamer » 05 Jul 2012 01:43

I'm ateist, and also educating to become a physicist, so I will take a scientific look at this.
When it comes to conciousness, I don't believe it is something the brain posess to be honest. I think it's an entity of space, meaning that it might be at a higher plane, but it's there. To be able to have this connection with conciousness, we must have something like brain frequencies that connects us to this entity of space. That's my thought of conciousness. I also have the theory that when not having conciousness, you can't really tell you're there, what you're doing, or what you are. You're just feeling like it's a dream. I think that dogs, and cats experience the world like one big dream. They just do things in reaction, and don't question - normally like we do, when we're not lucid. We're just going with the dream. That's my perspective on this world of conciousness.
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Re: Do we dream inside our head?

Postby Shane » 27 Sep 2012 14:59

Its a bit like asking "Do we exist inside our body?" or trying to point to where 'You' are...I sometimes joke when a close friend refers to 'me' by looking around franticly for the 'me' that he is referring I'm not entirely sure where that is. Some times I point to somewhere in my head and ask him if he's talking about something in there.

So if you don't even know where you are inside your body, its gonna be jolly hard finding out where you are when your dreaming :lol:

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Re: Do we dream inside our head?

Postby dreamgate » 05 Oct 2013 08:53

I think that 'thought' is energy, and it exists in a 'cloud' around our heads. Although, technically, I think our bodies are energy also, just denser or with a different vibration.
But really, the whole world that we are 'seeing' exists inside our heads. If we 'look' and 'see' a chair, what is it, really? A bunch of atoms spinning around, which reflect light-energy, which is intercepted at the backs of our eyes and our mind translates that into what we are seeing, so really, there is no 'chair', a 'chair' is a construct by a 'human' to interpret what it's retinas are sending it. :?

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Re: Do we dream inside our head?

Postby AceOfSpades » 07 Oct 2013 07:34

Personally I think it's both. I think the dream starts in our mind, but once we reach the barrier we go beyond. I mean look at our planet. People never believed there was a way to touch the atmosphere but we did it anyway. This universe could very well be someone else's head not awake yet. However like most breached barriers we find other places. I think that once you cross the bridge that goes from inside your head to outside we find things that can only be rationalized as still in our mind, but we feel it's more than that. How else would we be able to share dreams, or to a small extent finish other people's sentences if we were only limited to what our own minds would allow.

Ok this is seriously getting freaky. I just free associated that text above. I wasn't even thinking about it.

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Re: Do we dream inside our head?

Postby radicaldreamer » 18 Oct 2013 12:40

For some years now I've thought of the idea that maybe we are tethered here by a physical body, but in a dream we are able to travel mentally between our body and wherever we are tethered to. This is similar to that idea that we are connected to everything, and I do agree with that.

I find it extremely strange that we can dream up conversations and meetings with people whom we've never seen in the real world, and they look and feel extremely realistic. I mean really how does our mind design a whole person from nothing? I can't even design a good lego castle! lol

I've even had dreams where I am not even present, but I am observing other individuals having in-depth conversations about things that do not concern me in the least. o.0

I've thought about this a few times, but maybe I'll focus on looking for newspapers or something that indicates the date and location in lucid dreams, and see if anything strange is written down.

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