Concept! Application?

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Concept! Application?

Postby Ruir » 31 Dec 2014 06:47

Hello everyone! My name is Ruir. The real name isn't Ruir, of course. And..... I beg pardon if my grammar isn't good enough.

Long time ago (5-6 years ago, I guess), I was curious if I could make my own dreams. This idea was coming to me when I had been frustrated by myself. The reason was simple: I realize, when I had finished reading a novel or watching a film, I simply want to enter to the world of its novel/films. I have tried so many ways, whichever is so realistic to me.
My interest is to study everything which is worked, either technology, machine (etc.) or humans themselves, but I simply want to apply them with my own way. Approximately 4 years ago, I was curious about the dream I had. Some dreams, if I take a look on the past, were resembling my activity few years later. These phenomenons is strong enough to assure me that the dream can be made by self-consciously. Moreover (I still at senior high school, to be honest), most of my friends in school are very eager to discuss about trivial-but-confusing mystery (and later I realize that lucid dreaming is confusing-but-awesome mystery).
So far, I understand every abstract concept of lucid dreaming {I do not mean to disrespect another, and what I said here is honesty}. However [this is the problem], I cannot apply it even to myself! My schedule, as all of my friends in my school have, is well-organized. I can spend my time routinely to practice, however I don't know the steps or technique(s) to achieve my dreams: make my own dreams.

I am very grateful to find this forum, to be honest.

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Re: Concept! Application?

Postby R99 » 01 Jan 2015 17:51

welcome to the group. Sure u can do what ever u like in ur dreams. Concept of lucid dreaming is to dream consciously. Train ur mind to get in to it. Do some reading about Lucid dreaming. In this very site contains lots of information to begin with. And also read this book."Lucid Dreaming" written by Robert Waggoner. Its a great book to understand basics and also advanced levels of Lucid experience. Its a new skill to achieve. Do ur home work. Start by keeping a dream journal. And check out the home page of this site. The good thing of Lucid dreaming is plenty of time to master it. We all sleep and dream :)

Gud luck 4 ur venture Dreamer.
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