I am new :)

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I am new :)

Postby ah_tw » 31 Dec 2014 10:54


I am completely new to lucid dreaming. In fact i learned about it from 9gag :D
Anyways, I have been trying to get a lucid dream through sleep paralasys (I know that is not what it is called but I don't know the terms for it) for a few days now and my problem is that I cannot slip into sleep paralasys. The closest I have ever been was last night. I did not move for quite a while, relaxed body and mind and I started to feel very light and even got this falling sensation. But it was kind of hard to breath which is why I was a bit frightend and I started to lose the feelings and sensations. What can I do?

Thanks for your help

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Re: I am new :)

Postby MercyStrange » 31 Dec 2014 23:43

Try laying on your back, as comfortably as possible, or increase how high your head lays. I, personally, find that this helps with the breathing problem. Also make sure your room is a little cooler (Warm air can make it worse). As for the Sleep paralysis, Do you mean a Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD)? This is a technique in which you will relax your body, and keep your mind awake, but on the main goal of lucid dreaming. When you feel that falling/lightness sensation, you're falling into hypnagagia, which is a stage in which your transitioning from wakefulness to sleep. We get this every night, but don't realize it, because our mind's are falling asleep too. That's a good sign, it means your going into sleep paralysis(or just simply that state of hypnagogia). From here, you just simply visualize where you want to go in your lucid dream, or the place you want to go/ 'wake up' inside the dream. Do you get any flashes of color? Swirls? White 'lights' in your sight even though your eyes are closed? That's also part of that hypnagogia stage. Many people, I've noticed, have trouble from here, because they don't know how to go into the dreaming stage. It's really not that complicated. You just keep your mind on that lucid dreaming goal, visualize, and wait. I generally wake up in my bedroom, but that's still good, it just means you didn't go where you visualized, so your mind leaves you where it last makes sense to wake up in (This is generally confused with Astral Projection/ OBE's). Make sure that you do reality checks if you wake up in your bed again, because this is a good way to catch a WILD or other LD's that start off in your bedroom. I hope this was somewhat helpful to you.
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