It's not a nightmare, however...

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It's not a nightmare, however...

Postby Ruir » 03 Jan 2015 05:22

It's almost a week since I joined this forum.

Last night (January 2-3, 2015), I was on long trip to a place, and it took exact 12 hours. I traveled with bus and it went on 19.00 (GMT +7), so I used the time (19.00-07.00) to sleep, sleep, and sleep. I knew that sleeping in the bus is difficult; first because the temperature is quite cold, second because I have to sleep in sit position. I've decided to try lucid dreaming in the bus using MILD technique. These made me to sleep and forcefully awakened every 2 hours. If calculated roughly, I made 6 lucid dreams. However, I can only remember 3 of them. I couldn't use dream journal in the bus because things like reading and writing would make me intoxicated(?) or such as that.

Actually, I am not sure they were lucid dreams. However, those dreams are editable by my imagination(s). So while I was dreaming, at the same time I was imagining something. This something, unfortunately, made my dream become worse than before and it led my dream unto nightmare, such as the (1) I was the survivor and other characters become zombie, (2) I was in 200 A.D war and my dream is full of zombies and ghosts, (3) I was playing fps game with zombie character, and the sky always dark!

How did I sleep? I tried to imagine my world quietly (I did this after I was awakened and I wanted to sleep again). I imagined various world, a world from my school (which led me to the dream (1)), a world from game (which led me to the dream (2)), and a world from another game (which led me to the dream (3)). I successfully enter my dream consciously. And then, bad things happened: while I was enjoying my dream, the world was gradually changing to be gloomy and terrible. Zombies and/or ghosts were changing other characters and they were filling my dreams, all of it. The sky that was dark in the beginning, became darker.
Since in the beginning, I realized that "this is a dream (or nightmare?)" and the appearance change didn't shake me. However, this is terrible. Fiuh...

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Re: It's not a nightmare, however...

Postby buildit » 03 Jan 2015 06:10

Nobody can scare you like you can.
Is Lucid Dreaming the brains preparation for the next step of human evolution when we can escape the corporeal bond of our bodies?

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Re: It's not a nightmare, however...

Postby taniaaust1 » 19 Jan 2015 11:54

Dont let the dream turning into a dark one get to you... either confront the things in it which scare you (when a person does that they usually all go away) or just ignore what the dream is becoming and hold your mind on positive things and emotions, giving the dream a chance to change itself.
The only thing to fear is the fear itself

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