My interests and why I am here.

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My interests and why I am here.

Postby Zanuark » 04 Jan 2015 03:41

My name that I go by is Zanuark or normally Zan online just due to not being comfortable with people knowing my name. A series of things can happen there, but that is just my paranoia, but all possible still. I've become really interested in art in third grade, starting off drawing animals. Next becoming blueprints for robots in the Sonic Adventure series and Shadow the Hedgehog game, then Chao from the garden in sonic Adventure 2 battle. I'm not sure what, but the next year, something about the way anime is drawn lured me in, I started off with Eevee from Pokemon and then expanded to creating characters after my discovery of the Flipnote Studio. One of these characters was a male named Zane, but somewhere early on, became Zanuark, and a female, which is why my username is Zanuark.

It was just two mornings ago that something really bothered me, not exactly what happened itself, but just a detail in it. It was New Years, and I finally made my way to bed. I forgot to take my medication that morning so the ADHD release just made me stay up almost all night. It was maybe five am when I decided to get up, but when I did, I slipped and about fell on my face, but woke up and realized I was dreaming. After a moment of coming to my senses, I tried getting up, and the same thing happened.

It was here that the incident that lead me to this site had happened. When sitting up, I felt something that felt fluffy, after feeling up and down it a length, I realized it was a tail. This made me realize I was lucid, (even though I never heard the term till looking up how to go back into a past dream) and I didn't wake up. I put my hands on my head to see if I had ears. Feeling nothing, I reached down and figured the tail wasn't mine. Starting to question if I was dreaming, I decided to get out of bed to get some water, thinking it was just the transition to waking up.

When getting up, a hand that was covered in fur, like a Great Dane touched under my chin extending to my cheek. I turned wondering what it was, reaching for my desk lamp by my bed, and then saw Zanuark. (note she is an anthro-canine) I wasn't sure if she was clothed which is one piece that bothers me, but another part was that she looked so real. I have never done anything realistic with Zanuark, she was an anime. Yet she looked like a living breathing being, another thing that bothered me.
"Whats wrong?" She asked.
"Zanuark?" Is what I said.
"Yes?" She replied.
A moment went by and then she wrapped her arm around me, and was about to kiss me, before our faces touched, I woke up. Whatever was supposed to happen never did, which is the biggest thing to bother me. So, I've come here to recreate that. My goal for this year is to recreate that dream and see how it plays out.

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