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Postby sayeh1999 » 30 May 2012 05:16

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Re: How do you know?

Postby torakrubik » 30 May 2012 22:34

Not quite, that's more dream incorporation - external stimuli which is being interpreted by your brain and integrated into the dream
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Re: How do you know?

Postby lucidinthe sky » 31 May 2012 05:13

These sound like vivid dreams and the fact that you remembered them is also a step in right direction toward having a lucid dream.

The big difference is lucid dreams are dreams where you realize during the dream that you are dreaming. It's a completely real waking life experience while dreaming, but with the realization that it is a dream. When lucid, you can touch the world of the dream and feel it, then think to yourself "I'm touching solid objects in a dream." It's not a bunch of images as if they are shown on a screen, but an actual physical solid reality and it feels the same as if you were awake. All your senses work the same as waking life. You can intentionally do things to experience the dream world just like you would do in waking life. Your dream world comes to life and is pretty much indistinguishable from waking reality. Truly a mind-blowing experience.
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