My experience talking to subcon in dream *MUST READ

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My experience talking to subcon in dream *MUST READ

Postby mike212916 » 28 Jan 2015 04:37

Hello everyone, I never thought to look for a lucid dream forums but after this experience i wanted to share.

I have lucid dreams 1-2 a month. usually i just fly around or have sex in my dreams :mrgreen:

but this time i read other things to do while lucid such as talking to my sub-conscious to ask some deep down anxiety problems I was having to figure out the cause.

so what i did when i figured out i was lucid is called out for my sub-conscious and spun around fast and there he was!

He was a puerto rican guy (im white) and the first thing i asked him was why do i have anxiety when talking to new people or stressful situations. and he replied something to the effect of (he cant help it).

BUT the weirdest thing he said was that he was from heaven and decided to be reincarnated in my body (i forgot the reason) and that our souls are like waiting in heaven to go back.

this was very shocking for me because i am not a religious person AT ALL and do not believe in heaven or hell (consciously).

then he asked if i wanted to see (the dead body room) and walked me into a room where there were 3-6 dead people in like a morg looking room as they lay on one of those metal tables with a white sheet over them. I told him i didnt want to see them and walked out of the room.

Then i was in this lucid dream for soooo long, it felt like 10 minutes.. in just one room, asking questions. it was so real like.. I've never been in a dream for this long ever.

There was more I asked, but i seem to forget it because it was last week, i really should have wrote everything down.

this might be weird.. but does anyone know what this means??

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Re: My experience talking to subcon in dream *MUST READ

Postby taniaaust1 » 28 Jan 2015 10:06

Im not christian but once had a LD where I found myself under a tree with jesus preaching to us (a small group of people). This shocked me, I think it may of actually been an OBE, it didnt feel like a dream. What ever it was, it was intense. Since then Ive had an experience awake and quite distressed at the time which involved jesus manifesting himself to me in a way. Im still not christian as such thou I now believe in jesus.

I dont think no-one can tell you what to make of your experience. I thou do personally believe in reincarnation due to some experiences Ive had when completely awake and experiences Ive had with others who carried the same memories of lifetimes with me. (Ive come across a few of my soul mates over the years.. some of those carried memories of me too).

A lot of the characters we come across in LDs I think our aspects of our own subconsciousness.. which I would assume could also at times could be past life representations or just aspects of ourselves now.

The subconsciousness going on about reincarnation (obviously your normal logical thinking didnt create that).. could of then had your normal conscious LD thoughts thinking of the topic of death. The topic of "death" then likely created from the subconsciousness, then dead bodies at a morge covered in sheets laying on a table. So that part I think was created from a combination of your waking thought "death" combined with your subconscious thinking to create the image which did.

On a symbolism level. The topic of reincarnation can come up to represent changes in life.. a new you or a bringing back of how you may of been in the past.
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