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Postby Satrion » 28 Jan 2015 13:56

Hy! I am very desperate... can someone please help me with the interpretation please?

I am a very big dreamer... there are like only a few nights/sleeps in which i don't dream(or don't remember) and every single time i dream (i guess) it is a lucid dreaming. I can do actions voluntarily, nothing seems preordained! I always dream like it was trhough my eyes and every time my (astral) dreaming body is getting hurt i receive that exact kind of pain after i wake up.

In other words i was sleeping right now and it all began with the house of my grandparents where there was my grandmother(still alive) and she was staying with me for a couple of days till my fiancee came back from a journey. After that image i received several gifts (tobacco mostly) for my birthday. But after more random stuff (in which i decided to play along) something got my attention. At the table there was my deceased great-grandmother (8-9 years) and she was doing her usual jokes with my brother and so on... For a few minutes i got along on that string but then in my dream i remembered that i can control my dreams and i started to panic... i always thought dreaming of the dead is a way of gaining information on different stuff. Right after that my mother came into the room and i started telling her: "hey... i know this is a dream, but i also know i can control my dreams... Would you stop laughing for a second?", then she made a straight look at me and started somewhat smiling ironically. Then straight to the thing i was fearing the most i asked her, as i was seeing she was kinda mocking me: " WHEN WILL I DIE?". She looked at me and told me ...:" In about a year... " While continuing to laugh hysterically.

Right after that i got a bit scared and this reset my dream to a place "unknown" to me, but for some reasons i felt like a deja'vu. Like something there reminded me of something known... Then i remembered that place from a previous dream long ago but this was after some time...
It started in a kind of Pawn Shop in which i was. Sitting there a man came, then i politely tried to help him when the owner of the shop came and he told me : "You're hired" (not that i want to be in a pawn shop that is). After several encounters with different random people with random stuff, i found myself sitting near old high-school classmates.

This is where you need some info IRL ( I am a medschool student, currently in exams - next exam is 2 days from now and it has 2 tests ).
In the dream i saw one classmate from medschool. And then it came to me like this: " Oh shit... i took the first test but then forgot about the other one... went straight to her and asked her:" when will the second test be". She told me:" it's already been done, i am trying to get there too i had some problems and missed it too". After this she panicked and tried to avoid me saying:" if there are more of us there i won't be able to take it... they wont allow it."
Right after I told her why she avoided me - THIS MAY SOUND STUPID BUT BELIEVE ME IT IS EXACTLY AS IT WAS - I noticed outside some strange BIG cloud making a sharp and weird noise (it was some sort of spaceship) and seconds later it launched a bomb and all i saw were flames and a white bright light and i woke up.
Now believe me i am not the type of trying to mess up with things like that, but these kind of dreams i had ALOT - in which the planet is attacked/bombed/destroyed things like that and i die in several horrbile ways (one time i dreamed my fiancee's ex shooting me in the back while i was going on the street in broad daylight)... i don't want to sound childish but this is shit compared to what my great grandmother told me. Is that a motive to panic?

Please help me interpret this dream! I am scared...
Yours truly,
The Lucid Dreamer Satrion.

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Re: HELP!!!!

Postby jasmine2 » 30 Jan 2015 02:55

Satrion, the dream you describe contained several threatening-seeming scenarios. I'll mostly just comment about the fact that you say you are a medical student anticipating taking exams.

The whole experience of going to medical school must be very challenging, exhausting and, frequently, nerve-wracking. I've read that a large percentage of medical students, at some point, become bogged down with feeling of chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, self-doubt and fear of failure. This response often seems to just come with the territory, but most students work their way through it.

I suggest that, if you are having much of a problem with these symptoms, then your dreaming mind might be dispersing this troubling energy by presenting scenes which inflate the intensity of any situations of interpersonal tensions in your life, and might even be pulling in energy about negative events in world news.

Overer the years, I have had several very dramatic "impending end-of-the-world" dreams, which seemed to occur at times when I was going through major life situation changes or psychological conflicts (the "passing away" of some former big life patterns).

I advise you to just realize that the unconscious mind often likes to express itself through hyperbole. Just keep on going and doing the best you can with medical school, and perhaps see if you can think of ways to improve any troubling interpersonal situations you may have.

Try to find more ways to relax - meditation, yoga, whatever, and just go with the flow. I wish you the best with medical school.

- jasmine2

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Re: HELP!!!!

Postby taniaaust1 » 30 Jan 2015 12:19

. Then straight to the thing i was fearing the most i asked her, as i was seeing she was kinda mocking me: " WHEN WILL I DIE?". She looked at me and told me ...:" In about a year... "

Seeing you were lucid at the time and actually dying early or soon is something you fear the most, I personally think it was your own conscious waking self thought (the lucid part of yourself) of your fear which ended up triggering off you getting the scary reply of "in about a year".

When you are lucid.. try not to think scary thoughts as they usually will manifest otherwise in some way, into the dream. (that's unless you want to dream to go scary for some excitement :) )
The only thing to fear is the fear itself

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