My First Interpretation

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My First Interpretation

Postby thevision2016 » 28 Jan 2015 14:40

January 26, 2015
In this dream (I will keep it brief), my parents and I are on somewhat of a short journey. We drive through the shallow end of a water park, and I tell my parents that I want to swim, since it is scorching hot outside. They ignore me. We arrive at an unknown house, which interests my Dad. He walks in, followed by my Stepmother (I call her "Mom." More on my biological Mother in another story). I am alone outside, when two zombies walk slowly towards me, with negative intentions. I call for my parents' help, but they do not respond. I kill the the zombies with two five pound rocks. I look for my parents, but they are no longer in the dream. I walk into another room next door, where my aggression makes me kill three people about my age, who already had negative intentions. The scene changes into a brightly lit office lobby. A friend of mine walks onto the nearby escalator, and I lose some lucidity and control and throw an unusually heavy crumpled piece of paper at his head. The escalator turns into steps (I really know for sure that I have lost all control at this point). My friend comes after me in an angry state. I duck under a table, where I see an acquaintance tell his friend that we're going to lose money.

-My parents ignoring my requests may symbolize my relationship with them and the need for improvement.
-My decision to fight the zombies alone may depict the need me to rely on myself.
-My parents disappearing symbolizes that one day, they will not be available to support me, and I will need to be my own authority.
-My attacks against others (when I killed the three people) may be a reflection of my struggle to maintain my aggression at home.
-My friend retaliating shows that friends come and go, and my choices may affect the situation.
-Losing money may foreshadow the downfall of where I work.

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Re: My First Interpretation

Postby taniaaust1 » 30 Jan 2015 13:16

Go with your own intrepretation if that is what feels right, here's some other ideas on a dream like this thou.

The zombies and friends attacking you are very likely to be representing the same thing.

Zombies lack awareness so it could be said that something giving you issues is coming from a place which isnt a place of clarity/understanding. The zombie and friends attacking you, could be you yourself giving yourself a hard time over something.

When trying to intrepret something, I not only consider all the symbols in as much of their detail as they gave (the more the better) but I also try to get a general message from the dream.

For this one, it may be saying that thou there is an issue, that you are in control of a situation in your life and can deal with it alone even if you feel like you could do with some help. Two 5 pound rocks are symbols of strength esp since you picked them up and threw them at your issue. You have the strength to deal and get rid of the issue.

zombies.. lack of awareness.. you over came and then you get clarity (brightly lit lobby). A little bit of effort is involved as the esculator became steps.


office.. is a place where much thinking and business is done (money of cause ties in with business too).. and you threw the paper at your friends "head". So head could indicate thinking in some way. Seems a lot going on with the symbols in the last part of the dream.

You are aware of angry friend .. you were aware of lost money. (as I said before.. friend could be representing yourself). Do be cautious with business and your finances.

Im wondering what you may be feeling angry about (you dont need to share).
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