Recurring Dreams and Introduction

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Recurring Dreams and Introduction

Postby Miles917 » 30 Jan 2015 22:17

Every year, there are at least 2 or 3 dreams that I either have already experienced or featuring soemthing that was in a previous dream. Also a weird thing that I don't know if anyone else experienced is having continued dreams. One night a dream enters your mind and days, weeks, or maybe even months afterwards, you experience a continuation of the dream where the events in the first already happened.

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Re: Recurring Dreams and Introduction

Postby esilemc00 » 30 Jan 2015 23:07

(I typed this once already but I had to refresh the page and it dissapeared) Your not the only one who has those kinds of dreams! I have had a dream that I see at least 1-3 times a year. Then I also have some dreams that continue on for sometimes months at a time. A few months ago one of my continuous dreams ended in a plot twist which kind of angered me because every time I would dream it I would find out more about the dream and in the last dream I knew I was dreaming but didn't want to spoil the ending so I went along with it. But some of my dreams continue like TV shows and every dream is a new episode. :) :D

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Re: Recurring Dreams and Introduction

Postby taniaaust1 » 31 Jan 2015 14:24

Dreams are your subconsciousness speaking about your life etc and hence the same symbolism or flow on from previous will appear at times but with possibly some difference,s if things in your life have altered.
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