Lucid Dreaming saves my mind

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Lucid Dreaming saves my mind

Postby Andrew1882 » 01 Feb 2015 05:53

I just wrote a post and it logged me out so I lost it haha. Oh well...

Im new to this site and became "re-interested" in researching as Ive now had a friend that had an OBE in my own house and he was absolutely terrified. Since, ive had them as a very young child I knew the house wasnt haunted and that there wasnt a demon holding him down breathing on him like he said. It was relieving to actually know exactly what he experienced and hes not running around thinking it was paranormal activity.

Im 29, a guy and a successful entrepreneur. I can remember my dreams 4 or 5 nights a week and sometimes multiple dreams in one night. I dont lucid dream to do it. I do it every now and then to take over a situation otherwise I like things naturally. Things get out of wack sometimes and where I find some suggestions from people to get into a routine to test your daily environment useful for beginners. I hold my breath or count to 5

I suffered from obe with sleep paralysis starting around 6 or 7 years old. I would have OBE floating in a space with a huge bright light shinning around me where I would try to scream and couldnt. Sleep paralysis would involve holding my ankles specifically from a silhouette at the end of the bed, feeling like someone was pulling me off or someone looking over into my eyes very closely breathing on me. I would pee my pants, aka wet the bed in so much fear. It was very real in my mind and very traumatizing. I believed into my teenage years that "Im not sure what happened but I guaranteed I know something was touching my legs." Haha, right, I get it now. I could write some good articles on some experiences and my life quest to where Im at today but this forum is for lucid dreaming.

I have ADHD and very aware of the environment around me. This i believe helped me naturally figure out the connection my mind makes consciously and subconsciously. I can force the subconscious to leak into reality and only know its my mind... or something really didnt happen. Long stories on that. I am not a doctor, have not read much about this (yet) and just shooting from the hip of my experiences.

Things I dont like when being in control of my dreams are looking at reflective surfaces. It makes my hair stand up. I do like where some people say to hold you breath to train as I think this relation will help you if you do have a bad sp event when youre figuring it ou.

If I would have known what was going on as a child, and had some instruction with the mind, I believe I wouldnt have had really bad anxiety through my teenage years even though I was able to hide it pretty well.

Im comfortable in my mind now... And wish these abilites were more like super powers haha. Looking forward to reading others experiences, helping out, researching or answer research questions. Sweet dreams

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