Running from Russian Mobsters

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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Running from Russian Mobsters

Postby shankarsitarman » 06 Feb 2015 00:28

I was in a truck with a friend, and another friend was driving. He was going to drop me off somewhere (I think home). As we were approaching my exit, I said “you can keep going. It’s ok. You can keep driving.” A few seconds later, I saw a sign saying “welcome to Russia”, even though we were driving in the United States seconds earlier. Later, I was in some sort of old, dimly lit locker room (the last thing I remember is seeing the Russia sign and a building behind it). Then I heard a random (female) voice in my head mentioning dangerous Russian mobsters. Seconds later, I saw 5 or 6 men running towards me. Even though they were very skinny, they were quite intimidating because they had rough looking faces and tattoos all over their bodies. I decided to run. There was another man running away too. There was a random gate in the middle of the locker room. The other man who was running opened the gate, ran inside, but closed the gate before I could get in. I then tried climbing over the gate, when one of the mobsters actually pushed me over the gate. On the back of the wall, I saw 3 or 4 mirrors. I wanted to look at myself in the mirror. Then I realized exactly why I wanted to look at myself in the mirror: I have heard/ read that quite frequently in dreams, when you look at yourself in the mirror, you do not look the same, which can sometimes make you question your “reality”, and enter into a lucid dream. Before I could look into the mirror, I suddenly became lucid. I could still see the Russian mobsters, but this time they had guns. Even though they did not fire any rounds, I decided to duck behind a box crate. I then decided to try controlling my dream to completely change my surroundings and make them disappear. I focused hard for a few seconds, and when I looked over the crate, the mobsters had disappeared (I was still in the locker room, though).

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Re: Running from Russian Mobsters

Postby HAGART » 01 Mar 2015 03:11

That inner voice was probably your Animus or Anima.

Performing a reality check to become lucid is often preceded by, "Am I dreaming?" Just thinking of looking in the mirror and remembering that it might make you lucid was the cause, which is often the case. I actually don't do reality checks unless I already question if I'm dreaming in the first place.
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