Series of not-quite-lucid dreams after taking Galantamine

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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Series of not-quite-lucid dreams after taking Galantamine

Postby astrovineyard » 07 Feb 2015 20:19

The following dreams had the potential to be lucid, but were not. To be up front, I tried Galantamine for the first time last night, but the results were unfortunately half the night lying awake, which is how it has been recently since attempting to experiment once again with lucid dreams after many years. Insomnia is NOT fun. So in that sense I am disappointed that among the two negative options the herb offers as an experience: insomnia or intense, bizarre dreams, that I had to have the former. At least freaky dreams would be SOMETHING to show for it, and remember afterwards, and work with later.

Anyway, after several hours I finally did manage to drift off, and I only know this because of a series of strange dreams. They were not particularly vivid (I've had MUCH more vivid and epic dreams), but the only thing I can say good about the Galantamine is that I REMEMBER most of it.

This is roughly the order of a series of unconnected dream scenes:

I am gardening in an area that has wintered over, and I m surprised to find that things I had planted last year were returning in the same rows, surviving the freeze...

I am on a trip to Italy with some family members, including an old great aunt. We plan places we'll go, looking at maps and distances, being able to afford things and make them in time, etc, though the maps get confused with images of the panhandle of Florida. I wish for trips to Pisa and Florence but we never get there. I seem to return more than a couple times from a bus ride through the mountains which seems to exit euphorically over an amazing vista, when it banks, causing my old aunt some anxiety, like being on a roller coaster. This scene at one point is replaced by what seems to be a flying dream over the ocean where I see areal views of small islands, and I have a strange sensation when passing over them. (Missed lucid dreaming possibilities?) Last thing I remember in Italy was eating mango gelato...

Back home there is a dream where I am examining THE BRAIN, and there is an 8-foot tall reproduction of a brain, which seems to be made out of SAND, and I have the job of drilling into one of the nostrils (of the head) to better clear out a passage to the brain...

Similar medical scenes but at the eye doctor, where the various microorganisms that can inhabit the cornea and lens are discussed, and we ponder the medical mystery of supposed FAT DEPOSITS located behind the tear ducts...

I am returning to an outdoor scene where variously family have just witnessed an animal husbandry demonstration WITH DUCKS! I inspect a series of cardboard sheets with capsules of (DNA?) with descriptions and prices ranging from $1 to hundreds, that somehow would be attached to the male duck prior to mating...

I am in a van with a side missing. A dog jumps into it and I have to push him out...

That's about all I remember!

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