Pesky little boy dream (my 1st attempt to rob a bank)

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Pesky little boy dream (my 1st attempt to rob a bank)

Postby taniaaust1 » 08 Feb 2015 22:58

I havent had a LD for a while as I havent been working on LD (too focused on other stuff in my life) but this morning decided to try to have a WILD right after I woke up and went to loo and this is the result. My current LD goal has been to "Rob a Bank".

I go back to sleep thinking "I want to LD" and first part of dream is not lucid but possibly with slight normal awareness as Im trying to figure out the situation Ive found myself in.

Im in a centrelink, social security place. Why are I here? I cant remember why Im in this place Ive found myself in. There are lots of people here waiting for appointments. I have a wet towel wrapped around my head like a turban, my hair is wet.

Someone calls out my name "Tania!", I go to seek out the voice and find my niece is there playing with some toys with some other kids. My niece morphs into my two young children. (I must of really lost my any awareness I first had by this point as I didnt pick up that was strange and at this point get fully distracted by my 2 kids, I also didnt became aware that in real life my 2 children are adults and in this dream they were little kids of under 10 years old).

In surprise to see them at this Social Society I ask them why they are there and who are they with? Turns out they are there with a family member. I accept that response and walk off once again not knowing why I myself are here. I must be here due to my disabilty pension???? (in real life Im on one)

A little boy of about 7 years comes up and starts talking to me, he talks and talks. I get sick of him but he follows whereever I go, I end up telling him I need to go and see the doctor now and walk up to the end room thinking that will get him to leave me, he though follows and I dont go in as the doctor didnt call. How will I get rid of this pesky boy?

(somewhere after this I became lucid, Im not sure what set it off or at what point it was at. I may of been lucid in the next part and from there forth)

I decide to get rid of the boy who wont stop talking, (I may of been thinking of him as a DC at this point) by walking into the lady's toilet which is next to the door for the doctor I'd just tried to loose him at. So I go in there and wait there a bit before coming out... the boy thou has just waited for me at the toilet door so is just standing there.

(fully lucid now). I think about what I want to use this lucid dream for and remember that I wanted to rob a bank in my next LD. I dont know where a bank is, I dont know the place where this centrelink building Im in is so decide I will cause some chaos where I are just to get DCs reactions and see what happens.

I start to loose the dream so focus hard on the DCs around me to try to stabilise it, the dream comes back into good focus and I continue on thinking what is the best way to cause chaos here and invoke DC responses. I decide to hit a DC in the face. There is one standing near to the counter with its back to me, Im going to go up and hit it in the head for a response.

So I walk over to it only to find out the DC person isnt a a person at all, its a statue!! (haha my subconcious always tries to stop me from being able to do something I would never purposely do in real life).

I start to loose the dream again so look for another way to stabilise. That pesty boy who wont leave me alone, I decide allow him to be pesky to me (he's starting to drive me insane with his talking) till Im fully stabilised. That worked well, its hard to loose the dream when all ones focus is going towards a DC bugging me. Now feeling dream stable again I go back to my "seeing I dont know where a bank is Im going to cause chaos here" (I couldnt be bothered looking for a bank).

I decide to take the phone from the front desk and try to walk out the building with it so I walk up to their counter, turns out thou that the people thou behind it arent paying much attention at all and its nearly unmanned, I grab the phone any way.

Im interested to see that in this dream the technology is very old technology, this phone is like one from over 20 years ago, very old style. I walk off with the phone as its not unplugged its cord is going out behind me.. the cord just goes on and on and on. I get no response from the DCs, I dont think they even noticed and I start to loose the dream again.

I know this isnt really what I'd wanted to do this dream and hence why I just unstabilised again, Im not really enjoying this dream as much as I usually do with LDs, trying to cause havoc in a Centrelink building isnt really the fun I seek, a poor substitute of what I really wanted to do my dream goal so I decide, I need to rob the bank like I really wanted even if it means Im going to have to be running around all over the place looking for a bank and possibly get frustrated doing that before I can even start my dream goal. I just need to do something to keep this dream stable or I will loose it.

The pesky little boy is still in the room (thou was no longer bugging me as he'd wandered off) so I decide Im going to take the kid with me as a stabilisation thing. So I pick him up to kidnap him, the boy starts crying. I tell him to shut up as Im taking him with me. He shuts up. I leave the building with the kid under my arm.

Outside now but dont know where I am.. where will a bank be? Outside there is a cities park, there is lots of people here too and there is some kind of festival going on here. I probably would of enjoyed the festival but I dont want to deviate on my dream challenge at this point now that Ive decided Im going to make an effort to try to complete this one so I can cross it off my LD challenge list.

I walk throu the park thinking that the city is all along this and there must be a bank around this somewhere. After walking about 100metres I suddenly realise I recognise this park. It's the park from my real life childhood home town. Now that I know where I are, I know where a bank is so I head in the right direction.

I finally get in sight of the bank, its only 70metres away but then the dream completely drops out without any warning and at this point I dont feel like I could get back to sleep again to continue this dream. I do try thou and without moving any body part, try to think myself back in for several minutes but then give up. I just dont feel like Im going to be successful.

Augh.. My subconsciousness I dont think really wants me robbing banks even in a LD. I will thou keep trying to achieve this LD goal of mine. (note. I had no problem treating the boy like this in a dream as he was a DC even thou my DCs present very real like).

The above dream was very typical for myself in length for my morning LDs done by purposely making myself go back to sleep while thinking "LD" after already having a full nights sleep, this one lasted about 20 mins dream time. Those LDs are usually for me light ones eg prone to dropping out like this one and I get them to last anywhere from 5-25mins dream time, most about 15-20mins (just enough time for me to often get one dream challenge done). With this one thou I was far less aware then normal in the beginning of it, usually I enter into these dreams fully aware, I was lucky to have got lucid with this one.

If anyone does a rob a bank LD challenge, I'd love to read how it went for you.
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Re: Pesky little boy dream (my 1st attempt to rob a bank)

Postby Je-Je » 20 Feb 2015 13:27

Hey share more Lucid Dream taniaaust1
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Re: Pesky little boy dream (my 1st attempt to rob a bank)

Postby Cloud 9 » 21 Feb 2015 18:11

I'm new to LD and I have a challenge realizing the dream is escaping me.. til I suddenly wake up. Are you actively looking for signs of dream collapse so you can stabilize it?
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Re: Pesky little boy dream (my 1st attempt to rob a bank)

Postby taniaaust1 » 22 Feb 2015 02:43

Cloud 9 wrote:I'm new to LD and I have a challenge realizing the dream is escaping me.. til I suddenly wake up. Are you actively looking for signs of dream collapse so you can stabilize it?

Nooooo definately not. Dont look out for dream collapse as you will cause the dream to do just that, dreams will usually do whatever you are thinking.

When a person starts to loose a dream they usually will know, experienced lucid dreamers probably can tell a little earlier then a beginner, getting an earlier alert often comes with experience.

With the dream I shared here I'd almost lost the dream at several different points and had to restabilise over and over. It was going to happen again thou I had stabilised well back in, due the fact just was that my body was wanting to wake up. I did this WILD after I'd already had a full nights sleep and then got myself to go back to sleep to do it.

My body didnt really need more sleep so hence what you see here with this LD, with me having to really work at staying in the lucid dream state. Im working against what my body naturally wanted to do here and using my mind and will firstly to get myself back to sleep, to then go into a LD and then to force myself to stay in as long as I can.

But to stay there, I wasnt all that focused on doing so except where necessary at points were I was going to wake up otherwise, once stable again, I didnt maintain focus thou on "oh Im going to wake up, I need to stabilize" (worst thing one can do is stress that one is going to wake up as that is likely to cause it to happen .. if one is having an issue in a LD, do not stay focused too long on the issue as it will make it worst by intensifying the issue).

So I just quickly grabbed the boy under my arm and left with him but didnt allow him to play on my mind further... focused then intently just on my goal (another good stabilisation technique but I did it without thinking about it as being such, subconsciously I knew it is).

My consciousness and subconsciousness if I started to loose the dream again I hoped would of had that little boy there instantly at my disposal and hopefully my subconsciousness would of kicked in and made him annoying for me, so I was hoping to program dream stabilization into my dream without consciously having to do it, once I took the boy with me (He wasnt in my dream thou after that as I had no focus on him but maybe he would of been automatically if I needed him again).

This probably sounds complex, I hope people understand what Im saying here.. I was working with both my conscious and subconscious mind to try to keep me in this dream which was going completely against what my body wanted to do..that being wake up cause it was morning.

To extend lucid dreams and not loose them, not just being able to feel what is going on is important eg I can suddenly feel Im about to loose the dream eg I like feel myself surfacing, I find this hard to explain to someone who hasnt felt it.. but also technique and ability to control your thinking and emotions comes into things a lot too. So do be aware of different stabilization techniques out there for when the time comes and you notice you are loosing a dream which sooner or later you should do.

There are many simple stabilization techniques for beginners.. eg staring at your hands (one I used to do and which works well for me) or rubbing hands briskly together if you havent lost the dream to the point where you cant move without a dream loss.

Stabilize whenever needed and dont dwell on fearing you will loose the dream.. focus on your goals or on things in the dream (having a goal you really want to do is very good to have if a person is having trouble staying in a dream.. so think about that before you have a LD. The fact I had a rob a bank goal must of extended this dream out for me approx 6-8mins more dream time just due to this and me being able to put more focus into a desire of mine).
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