First Time WILD

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Taiwan Jacko
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First Time WILD

Postby Taiwan Jacko » 31 May 2012 16:21

So last night when I was getting to sleep I decided to try W.I.L.D. I got into the part where you see the images and the colours in your eyes and you start hearing things.(I think it was called hypogogia or something but I forgot how it is spelt.) I heard things like my door being broken into and some sort of paper bag running across the floor. I told myself it was only my imagination and went into it. I kept focusing on the cubes and spheres of colours in my eyes and then BAM! I got into a Lucid Dream. However due to me getting far more excited than I was supposed to I woke myself up. :(
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Re: First Time WILD

Postby Peter » 31 May 2012 22:31

Cool, now do it again and again etc.
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