naked baby

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naked baby

Postby Nickfan40 » 10 Feb 2015 17:48

I had this dream just last night. I was listening to Dick Sutphen's CD on how to write short stories. I started listening to it just a few days ago.

I am sitting in my living room with a bunch of people, and my parents. I recognize them as my aunt, uncle and step-cousin from West Virginia. They have a baby with them. It seems I have traveled back in time because my father is still alive, my mother looks younger, my two 2nd cousins are grown, but I feel the same age. It seems like the year is 1988, and the baby is my step-2nd cousin, Zack

The baby is naked and very sick. He is vomiting, but not in the usual way. It is very clear like mucus that is coughed up after taking something for it. I say, "You shouldn't have brought him if he is sick. He wouldn't be sick if you'd put clothes on him." Later on, I forget my anger and they are letting me hold him, but he has a diaper on now. I can feel his weight in my arms and his soft skin as I'm rubbing his back. He's feeling better, but still a little feverish. He's holding on to my shirt as I'm holding him over my shoulder and trying to pull my hair, making me laugh. I wake up.
______________________________________________________________________________________As I am writing this, I know now why I dreamed it. The CD I was listening to must have brought back some favorite memories. In April of 1988, my aunt and uncle brought my step-2nd cousin Zack, who was 2 months old, to see us. He was wearing little pajamas that zipped up the front.

In 2004, my mother and I used to baby-sit for a family up the street from us. They were from Dutch Suriname, South America. Because where they came from was so hot, they allowed the children to run naked and were sometimes sick because of it. They kept the house hot enough for that.

A few months ago, my mother and I visited a family a street over from us who went to our church. Their grandchildren, who were 2 years old, were staying with them, and they were sick, something going around. They were running fevers and we were holding them. My mother and I couldn't resist holding and kissing them, and then, we got it, but it wasn't very bad.

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Re: naked baby

Postby astrovineyard » 13 Feb 2015 05:34

Almost seems like a baby nightmare dream from Eraserhead. Long before I ever saw that movie I had a very strange baby dream. I was just a kid (in the dream and real life) and running across a field toward an old relative's house. I was carrying an envelope. I looked at it and the flap was open and out of the envelope stuck the head of a very tiny baby. It was screaming and crying with a head the size of a marble. Its body was hidden in the envelope but its head was at the end of a long curvy neck, like a stretched out spring but the thickness of spaghetti and pink. I don't think it was lucid, or even scary, but it was definitely strange and bit creepy, and vivid enough to be remembered decades later.

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