Phantom of the opera

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Phantom of the opera

Postby Nickfan40 » 11 Feb 2015 17:58

This is a dream I had on January 5, 2006. I had watched The Phantom of the Opera (with Gerard Butler) just before going to bed that night:

I was backstage at the opera house. I saw Erik (Gerard Butler) hand Madame Giry (Miranda Richardson) a rose. She sniffs it, then falls over, dead. Erik Runs away, frightened. He had not meant for her to get it, but Carlotta. As Madame Giry told Raoul, "There have been too many accidents!" I was in the chorus with Christine Daae, who has left Erik to be with Raoul. The fire never happened.

I am in his underground lair. He is sitting before the mirror with his mask off, trying to cover his face with a makeup that he has invented. He sees me reflected behind him in the mirror. He turns to face me and I clean the makeup off with a wet cloth.

I stand between his knees and kiss him on the mouth. I can feel it. Warm, soft, and not too wet. At first, I kiss gently, but then very passionately and trace his lips with my tongue (He has great lips!). I feel his hands cup my face. They're kind of rough, but gentle. I begin stroking his leg.

When we're finished, he stands and hugs me. I feel his arms around me and he's holding me very close to him; he feels very real and solid. He is crying, really sobbing. I feel his stomach heaving as he does. I gently pat and rub his back, trying to soothe him. I hug him back very tightly, trying to hold on to the dream as long as I can, but it faces.
I don't have many lucid dreams about Gerard Butler, but as they say, any port in a storm. I couldn't "get in touch" with my other "virtual boyfriends".

The reason why we didn't make love or at least lie down together is that it was wintertime and I was wearing a heavy nightgown and didn't sleep on my stomach. I can't sleep on my stomach because I end up with a stiff neck. All my other erotic dreams were in the summertime and I don't wear very much, then, just an undershirt and underwear. I wouldn't mind making love to him, he's gorgeous!

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