Former Chief Inspector Dreyfus as The Raven

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Former Chief Inspector Dreyfus as The Raven

Postby Nickfan40 » 13 Feb 2015 18:15

I had this dream just last night. I thought, "Cool! Another Herbert Lom dream!" I was watching The Pink Panther Strikes Again and listening to my Dick Sutphen CD with Alpha and Theta waves. In future, I might record his voice and play it all night while I sleep. Sometimes I have dreams just from voice recordings.

I am in Mondeschein castle where Dreyfus is trying to make the whole world disappear; I can see it so clearly. He is sitting on his throne. He asks Clouseau, who is detained and still wearing his Dr. Shurtz disguise, "Clouseau, what is this?!", and suddenly a black bird appears in his hands. Clouseau, and the rest of the people in the room, gasp as they see it. When had Dreyfus acquired magic powers? He says, "It looks like a black 'beurd' to me. A raven."

Suddenly, he disappears in a flash of white light, and turns into the bird, hopping around on the table, picking at leftover food, then flying around the room.

He flies over to the open window and says, "See you later, suckers! Catch me if you can!" Then flies away, laughing.

Everyone is outside at this time, standing on the hilltop, watching him soar over trees and mountains. I wake up, but try to go back to sleep and finish the dream, but it doesn't work.

I wake up feeling sad about the whole thing. I know it sounds crazy, but was this Herbert Lom's way of telling me that I won't be seeing him anymore, that he has "crossed over"? Hmmm. *That's* something to think about. I could hear his voice so clearly, and it was kind of spooky. I think that's what woke me up.
"Quoth the Raven: Nevermore!"

People turning into animals was from a movie he did called, Mark of the Devil, in 1971. He played a witchfinder named Lord Cumberland. They accused some of the witches of physical alchemy, of being able to turn themselves into animals and then running away.

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