I don't know if what I had was a lucid dream

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I don't know if what I had was a lucid dream

Postby Can » 13 Feb 2015 23:43

Could someone please read my other post in dream characters. It's about a dream where I felt I went back in time or a past life. Is it a coincidence that what I saw did happen/same names and same country (Egypt) which I noticed because of the pyramids etc. years...centuries ago?

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Re: I don't know if what I had was a lucid dream

Postby Snaggle » 14 Feb 2015 01:49

Can wrote:by Can » 11 Feb 2015 18:26
I have been interested in past lives and reincarnation and I think our dreams maybe linked to our past lives. I don't know how to explain this but does anyone get a dream or just random things happening in their heads which feels like a dream - for example just random things (usually this happens to me just before I sleep like when I'm about to sleep) I close my eyes and I get a dream but it is not actually a dream because I sort of know I am awake and random things happen like yesterday when this happened I closed my eyes when I was about to sleep and I was in what looked like Egypt because of the pyramids I saw and there was a man saying 'You see this, that's the room' and then there was someone who was lifted up I think he was the king then someone said something like 'Kali Haseem.' I was awake but I was still dreaming and seeing these things it was random. But I quickly wrote it all down so I could research it. I typed in 'Haseem Kali' and then I found something about 'Haseen' so I typed in 'Haseen Khalid Egypt' and found a google book. How crazy is that? I am not into history or religion and all this just a random dream was something linked to history..years ago. Does anybody else get this just before you fall asleep you get a weird dream/things happening and you can actually hear people saying random things. It has happened to me all the time but I usually forgot about it but I am going to really concentrate on it from now on and quickly write down everything I hear and see. It usually only lasts for a few minutes or seconds then I fall asleep properly but from now on I'm gonna try not to fall asleep straight after it happens and quickly write it down.


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Can I already read to you that you're just getting vanilla hypnagogia when you close your eyes and see things or hear things. You're already dreaming and in the first stage of sleep. Yes it's technically a lucid dream, but the weakest like of WILD (Wake initiated lucid dream) there is.

You did not here the name accurately, so it's proof of nothing.

Yes, I see hypnagogia ;) I've also seen real places and been given the names of real people and told to contact them and give them messages. Though I did research them I did not contact any of them. They were all real; but I'm not anyone's messenger service. I've also seen real things from the past that were not known to exist when I saw them. Maybe remote viewing is real.
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