A story of Lucid Dreaming

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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A story of Lucid Dreaming

Postby buildit » 15 Feb 2015 03:21

So I have turned some of my lucid dreams into a story. I admit it's a little disjointed in areas but it sort of my first short story I've written. I hope some enjoy it for what it is. :D

Beginners Story
My grandfather told me this story before the city was destroyed. But the story began on earth. It was back in the day as the first dreamers began to appear. Odd to even talk about such a time now but it did exist and was considered normal not to have the dreams. But it was an age of mans ascension, even if it was a long road and full of bumps. Well, bumps is easy to say now because we don’t have to experience it. Sort of like calling the Earth war a bump. Millions died you know so we can have our existence and it is only for the purpose of making it all easier to understand that we reduce such pain and emotion to terms like that. Since you came here I assume you want to hear the whole story so I’ll try to avoid such simplifications. I’ll try to repeat it just like my grandfather did, because he was a better story teller than I am.
The first was a simple enough person, her name was Wendy and lived in what was then called the United States of America. She lived in a farming area outside of the larger cities in a period of time when traveling long distances was very time consuming. It might take 1/4 of a solar activity period to travel to a city and back making frequent trips impractical for most people where she lived. Grandfather said they had utilized the burning of petrochemicals for the main means of transportation in metal vessels which used wheels. Cars was the popular term for them I believe.
But even then they had coordinated education that allowed for the primary decimation of important information before adulthood. Wendy was accustomed to spending long periods in toil and labor when the harvest or animals they raised required it. But otherwise had periods where she could do what they called day dream. This is to say, she allowed her thoughts to wander frequently while at rest. Those who made themselves busier with material pleasures considered this behavior counter productive and would chastise her for what they considered laziness, this despite her work being completed. Grandfather was unsure about the true reason for the chastisement but I was left feeling it was not because of the way she enjoyed her rest periods but more because of what she described when discussing her day dreams.
Her dreams were of space, even though she had never been and knew little about it. She described the dreams as allowing her to experience space unlike what the visual media of the time suggested space was really like. You see nobody had actually gone into space and machines to reach space had not been invented, so even the concept of no air or weightlessness was foreign to the average person. As I said, this may well have been the basis for the chastisement she received. Yet, she was undaunted by the nay sayers who belittled her visions.
As luck would have it her parents did not discourage her from her fascination or interest in space and in time she proved herself in the academic world. With the help of state funds for her academic abilities she went to a private institute of the time to become a scientist at which she excelled greatly. Her theories were brilliant but the social stigma of the period about women made it hard for her to publish the research on her own. So much of her work was absconded by male colleges who barely understood her work but thru manipulation were able to get primary consideration as the papers authors. This left her heart broken many times as advancements and chances for promotions were passing her by since she could not show proof that most of the work in the papers was hers. The stereotype of the period was that she could not have been much more than a good secretary for the nice men who allowed her to share their research.
Only one professor saw her as more than what the world said she was and allowed her to conduct her own research as his graduate student. The mixture or insight from her dreams and intelligence as a scientist allowed her to finally write many papers describing the dangerous nature of space long before man could even get there. It is ironic that before she died her research was used to help the first astronauts survive their first trips into space by describing the effects of a vacuum, solar radiation and the danger of micro-particles. Her hope was to prove herself a valuable asset eventually and become a member of one of the space teams, but by the time women were considered for members of space exploration she was too old. Grandfather said she married her professor and thru their relationship published many more papers and even some stories, considered fiction, about what space travel would be like.
In hind sight many have looked at her work and realized the information she discovered could not have been learned solely thru experimentation or testing that she did. There was an insight to her work that seemed to indicate a first hand account. But of course she had never gone to space and much of her early work was before even high altitude flights were conducted. So it became a mystery as to how the farm girl turned scientist could have obtained such insight. The impossible answer was found years after her death when her grandchildren found her childhood diary from her days on the farm.
There she described vivid dreams where her body became a sort of mist or web and she was able to traverse the atmosphere and enter into space experiencing it first hand. She noted the extreme temperature drops and peaks when on the light and dark sides of the earth, the searing power of a solar flare and the first hand view of the aurora borealis from above as the solar energy slammed into the atmosphere. But if the ability for her mind to perceive all of this wasn’t strange enough there was the mention of a presence she felt while experiencing all of this. Her grandchildren wisely covered this discovery up given how it might reflect upon them. After all, this document was almost a primer for the cult now causing chaos around the world.
Many people who experienced consciousness during dreams were reporting wild experiences of all sorts. Some experienced dreams stranger than fiction but with the second drug wars in full uprising such allegations of controlled dreams were quickly discounted as the mad babble of users having hallucinations or flash backs. Yet the lucid dreaming reports continued to predict possible future events, experiences in traveling space, diving to the bottoms of the oceans and of course the ever popular out of body experiences. But I’m getting ahead of the story. Let me remember what grandfather told me about the drugs.
The cult members became known as lucidians after the term Lucid Dreaming. Lucid dreaming had started to become mainstream during the period after space flight where man challenged the unknown in near Earth orbit and trips to the moon. It was also a period of social change. A period of legalized drugs amongst others. It started simply with medicinal plants being legalized by many countries for recreational purposes but quickly lead to the mainstream introduction of much more powerful narcotics that became harder to enforce because the effects were able to be masked as legal drugs. The drug subculture which had been stable for a period exploded with the increased exposure and money.
At basically the same time the lucidians also exploded forth proclaiming enlightenment from lucid dreams enhanced by drugs. The danger came as lucidian profits and cult leaders would tell followers to kill themselves in order to obtain their ultimate dream state. This dream state was in religious terms a release of the soul from the body which was trapping it. Thousands of lucidian followers delusional from drugs were easily convinced to kill themselves making for a public outcry. This led to governments returning to strong anti drug policies.
Many of the lucid dream purists countered that lucid dreaming was actually made more difficult thru the use of narcotics. They encouraged natural means for obtaining lucid dreams but hose wanting to be part of the culture who could not obtain a lucid state naturally found the drug induced method an easy sell. In reality all the lucidians did was mask a real increase in the number of people who were in fact actually having lucid dreams and controlling them at various levels. These levels became known as the hop-glide-fly scale of control. A low amount of control in a dream was accompanied by the ability to jump further or higher than you could in reality. For example a basketball dreamer might jump so high as to actually fly over the basket before returning to the ground. The middle level of control that most experienced was noted for the ability to basically ignore gravity, one could propel themselves across the tops of trees by simply touching their upper branches and then glide to the next. The highest level was that of actually flight, much like the mythic super hero’s whose simple will could propel themselves from the ground into the sky like rockets. Years passed as the governments did all they could to suppress the Lucidian cults and the natural dreamers ended up caught in the middle of many of these battles.
It was during this period that one man was making a deeper connection in his dreams. Remember how Wendy felt there was an observer in her dreams? Well, Jon was communicating with the observer on a level of communication mankind had never had before. He was the first to have physical psychic abilities.
They did not manifest themselves outside his dreams because he didn’t even believe his own mind. However, in his lucid dreams he was having a dialogue with an entity outside the physical purview of others. So what did this entity tell him? A truth which mankind could not ignore. The human race was expanding beyond the carrying capacity of the planet and the ideas which science had always held out as mankind’s great hope, to leave the earth by mechanical means and live on other planets, was not a realistic possibility. All the great ideas of future engines, unlimited power sources and technology to make it all work was still just a dream even 150 years after Wendy had first dreamt of space. Jon tried to understand the concepts the alien mind showed him.
At night as Jon spoke to the alien mind with images of another world and a life form unlike that which man could ever imagine as possible. Part organic gas and part inorganic silica case like shell, they existed in a heavy atmosphere gone greenhouse effect. Sort of like Venus but the planet was twice the size and had liquid mercury like earth has oceans. The life form was psychic by necessity and never developed a language but had become highly intelligent by using it’s silica shell as a form of processor like a computer. Irony being that as a gas form they could never use tools or alter their environment. They could of course expand themselves as a gas and sense their surroundings. However, they were still limited by their physical form. Only their psychic ability let them share an understanding of each other’s locality. They lived like this until they realized in their dreams there was more to their universe than what they could sense from the surface. Maybe I should make it clear, they had no eyes, so they couldn’t see space above them, not that the thick, soup like atmosphere allowed enough light in for eyes to work. So you can imagine the revolution the dreams of traveling into space above the atmosphere left this society. They could only ever hope to dream of reaching space since they couldn’t build anything let construct ships, besides which they lacked a means of locomotion. Those silica shells really kept them grounded on the large planet with a gravity almost twice that of earth. So Jon was not sure what it meant when he saw the aliens become a type of energy allowing them to escape their world eventually. Even in images there was a language barrier keeping him from perceiving their concept of time which passed during their transformation. What seemed like a sudden change probably lasted thousands of years.
Jon did understand the logic of the transformation and it’s advantages in space. The aliens could move freely thru space as needed without concern for life support, food or injury. But how did a race with no arms or legs, no matter how smart they were, ever transform themselves into some type of energy being? Jon eventually wrote his dreams down and shared them with others, but they were not received well by others given the political agenda to wipe out the Lucidians. Embarrassed and shunned Jon withdrew deeper and deeper into his own world until he killed himself one day. People figured it was just proof Jon was crazy. Grandfather always wondered what the alien thought when his contact suddenly stopped dreaming and didn’t exist as energy either. Did the alien understand death like humans did? Was the alien capable of experiencing emotions? So many questions about this liaison had no answers.
But time moved on, the Lucidian cults ended. Other human wars became much more common as populations had social, economic, religious and resource conflicts. At 21 Billion people the earth was now maxed out and all life was suffering. The “old countries” where mans ancestors had started societies were totally drained of resources and were eating mass produced forms of algae mixed with insect larva as little else was available. Most of the food sources were imported from the ocean colonies, greenhouse farms along the uninhabitable continental borders and some locations in deserts where industrial farms were placed since people couldn’t live there. Humans were trapped upon their dying world.
Several attempts at space and moon colonies had ended in disasters. The worst of which was a Russian/ Chinese moon base which was started when they joined to form the Asian Economic Community (AEC). At it’s height it supported 34 people who were able to mine ice from nearby fields under the lunar surface. The water from the ice allowed them to make oxygen for air and hydrogen for fuel thru electrolysis using photovoltaic cells. They never did meet the full requirements of the colony and relied heavily upon earth support for food, supplies and fuel. In the end after 17 months only 16 workers, 9 scientists and commander Chao Phao were able to return to earth after the majority of their solar cells were destroyed in a solar storm. The same storm was responsible for 8 of them dying when they went to make repairs thinking radiation and microwave emissions had dropped to safe levels and the storm was over. Reports said they were cooked alive as the second larger solar flares energy washed across the moons surface causing every metallic surface, not grounded, to act like conductive electrodes. It was a very sad event and ended the concept of another moon colony which the Social Union of the Americas(SUA) had on the books to start the next year.
Over the next 20 years the world population crashed from it’s height of 21 Billion down to 3 Billion or so. Exact numbers were impossible to find because of the collapse of most governments. Small pockets of civilization survived by becoming militarized and defending themselves from raiders who wandered the ruins looking for forgotten resources across the world. Most felt this was the apocalypse foretold in so many religious writings over the millennium.
This was, however, also a rebirth of society and of the human mind. The old emotions of greed, pride and sloth were blamed for all that had gone wrong. Birth rates were self policed by the remaining humans. Many forms of technology were lost and even medical science took a huge step backwards.
But something arose in it’s place. Almost a mysticism about the human consciousness and strange abilities to hear what was not spoken, move objects with thought and the most amazing of them all was stories of people disappearing only to reappear elsewhere. Again it was a cult like culture but there was an important change to it. No drugs were to be used other than those which might heal injuries to the body. The belief was that only thru clear thought and a healthy body could a person obtain the powers we would come to know as telepathy, telekinesis and conversion. Mack Summers was the first to become a public example of someone skilled in these mystical abilities. Without tools or tricks Mack would cause rocks to catch fire and melt, tell people their thoughts and change his corporeal form to energy which he could then travel anywhere and then become corporeal again. Many who turned themselves to energy never reappeared again, so it scarred many people out of attempting it even if they exhibited the other traits.
Mack taught a large group of followers for 2 years before one day he declared he too was going to become non corporeal for good. He simply said he was going to join the others where they had gone. And so it was one night in front of his followers who cried and begged him to stay he became the sphere of energy and disappeared from Earth. But he left behind a metal plate, which legend said, he has scribed with his mind. It had many images which most considered art or images to focus upon while meditating. At the bottom were the words, “Find us in your dreams” were written. To those who looked beyond the artistic images there was a map. Mack had drawn a representation of the stars and marked one as the new home.
It was the beginning of the exodus from earth to Passha and our new home. We all know that the exchange of mater to energy and back is an evolutionary trait. The same type of transformation the aliens, which Jon communicated with, had made to leave their world thousands of year before. Unlike us they stayed in space and continued to wander the universe looking for other life which had taken the same path before them. I suppose returning to a shell and gas form after experiencing the freedom of travel was not in their interest.
In time grandfather said we would overcome our need or desire for having a planet to call home. Yet, I suspect humans always will want a home location where they can experience corporeal feelings and to continue to breed offspring as I have you.
Now my lovely children, I hope you will remember the story and pass it on in your own time. Because this is the last time you may experience me on this world. I am going to go thru conversion one last time and then rest not far from the sun where I will incorporate as much energy as possible before I too will travel out into the universe and search out the older races. I will then share my experiences and come to know all of theirs. I am excited because I hear their thoughts at the edge of my consciousness and their thoughts have become my dreams. So you see, this is why the city was destroyed. A city would establish a civilization here and that is not our calling. Follow me when you are ready.
Is Lucid Dreaming the brains preparation for the next step of human evolution when we can escape the corporeal bond of our bodies?

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Re: A story of Lucid Dreaming

Postby Keeboard » 25 Jul 2016 15:24

I know this was posted awhile ago, but I'm writing a trilogy that also has to do with lucid dreaming and evolution (it's different, though). Your story's pretty interesting!
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Re: A story of Lucid Dreaming

Postby Empyreal Sakaki » 25 Sep 2018 18:22

I know this post have some years, but I wanted to say it was very well plotted, and that you should write a whole book because it would become a best seller in days! I am a writer too, by the way!!
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