Wake Back To Bed - Help?

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Wake Back To Bed - Help?

Postby Aquaerano » 15 Feb 2015 15:58

Hello all,

A little backstory: I used to lucid dream quite frequently a year or so ago, but due to work and school, I had to give it a break for a while as I needed to concentrate on other things. Now, I have some more time to practice and I have been using the WBTB technique with some success. However, I find that when I attempt to go back to bed after waking up the first time, my brain is simply too alert to get back to sleep effectively. Does anyone have any advice to get around this? Has anyone experienced the same problem? Thanks a ton in advance for any feedback!

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Re: Wake Back To Bed - Help?

Postby taniaaust1 » 19 Feb 2015 01:48

Just dont stay up as long when you get up, so you can fall back asleep easier.
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Re: Wake Back To Bed - Help?

Postby astrovineyard » 25 Feb 2015 20:40

This technique is one of a few things I did a couple nights ago which, along with a few other things, appears to have helped trigger my first unusual quasi-lucid / sleep paralysis incident in many years. Although it was by comparison brief and mild, it was unmistakable. Even a mild episode of sleep paralysis is 10 times more vivid and memorably unique than a usual dream!

I don't know to what degree WBTB was responsible. I've done it before, but last night it was one of the things I did NOT do, and as a result, even with the other things in play, I did not have any interesting experiences. Does it work by itself or in concert with other things? I guess it depends on the person and situation. When I was a kid and had my most extreme and frightening sleep paralysis experiences I most certainly was not staying up late, sleep deprived, taking lucid dream pills or doing WBTB. So who knows.

For me the challenge is WHAT TO DO when you wake up? I am not motivated to do anything, really. Most things require light to to, but light exposure can wake you up too much. I guess I shouldn't do any chore like scrubbing pots in the sink or anything that requires too much concentration like grading papers.

And yet, I assume waking up and lying in bed with the lights out doesn't count as WBTB?

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Re: Wake Back To Bed - Help?

Postby Xälos Prömythos » 01 Apr 2015 11:19

Well, meditation will surely calm you down. Do the breathing meditation and reach a state of non-thought. Then, get back to sleep but don't overthink it. Just cultivate the feeling of belief in the fact that you are going to have success with LD.

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Re: Wake Back To Bed - Help?

Postby astrovineyard » 01 Apr 2015 20:20

Wow, I must have answered your question right before I began experiencing insomnia as a result of trying LD. I also CANNOT fall back asleep if I am doing those mental exercises, or taking something like Galantamine. My situation extended well beyond not being able to sleep the rest of the night. Now I am at my wit's end and taking prescription meds to get back to where I was when I could just sleep on my own. So be careful with the LD stuff. If attempting it keeps you awake you could be inviting insomnia.

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