My experience on Calea Z

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My experience on Calea Z

Postby Cloud 9 » 15 Feb 2015 20:20

So I bought the liquid form, and I must say it is the most potent, bitter, disgusting thing I have ever consumed.. to the point I had to have a staring competition with my drink for several minutes b4 I walked away and came back running to gulp it down without hesitation.. AND I had mixed in about 3 tablespoons of honey to one cup water and this stuff, about 6-7ml of it. Ya, it's that bad. But all in the name of LD :mrgreen:

The first night I consumed just a couple mL of it, just to test it out. And guess what, I had a LD! I must tell you I've tried all the techniques out there for the better part of 3 months, with just 1 half ass LD experience. So this gave me hope.

The dream went like this; I'm playing bball in what appears to be MSG, and the court has light but the stands are dark. I become lucid and run up to another player and say "this is a dream, I'm dreaming" and he goes "what? what do you mean?".. he was perplexed.. and maybe that created a thought because soon after I found myself nearly losing my lucidity through the game, but I caught myself! And i was like 'no, im dreaming' and regained it slightly.. however I awoke shortly and that was that. I had hope atleast.

The next night I pretty much took the same amount.. but this time no LD. I start to sense that the body builds resistance to it.

The next day I take the night off, I don't want the body to predict it and plan on consuming larger amount the next night.

The next day I was up early and had a long day, so I was really tired by 10.. By the time I hit the hay it was 11. I set my alarm for 2 am to deprive REM sleep. I ended up staying up til nearly 4 am after I had consumed close to 6-7mL of Calea Z mixed in with water and honey (the scenario I explained at the beginning).

And this is what happened..

I awoke, in full sleep paralyses, and very frightened. When you awake paralyzed, you cant help but get the feeling someone or something did this to you, and you are now in danger because, well, your helpless. I was trying to speak, to ask for help, but it was just murmur. I've awoke during sleep paralyses b4 a few times, so after a little bit I composed myself and remembered that I had taken Calea Z and that this must be a dream. With this thought I calmed myself and drifted off to the most prolific lucid dream I've ever had.

I'm on a uni campus type of place and realize I'm dreaming, I say to one DF passing by 'this is a dream' (I can't seem to help myself).. and then several DF start coming towards me, but I have no intention to speak to them, I've honed into this girl sitting on the ground studying or whatever, and I decide I'm gonna talk to her and ignore these otherr guys, and once I made that choice, these other DF just seemed to leave me alone. This was something I had remembered bcoz in my first lucid dream I got caught up in talking with DF who where of no help to me but actually detrimental to my tasks.. so this time I knew to just brush them away and focus on what I wanted to do.

So i go and sit with this girl and start talking. I'm trying to take it ALL in, the realism of it, bcoz that was something I also had ignored prior. After talking to her I find myself in a room with about 4-5 guys. I tell them this is a dream and I am lucid. I ask if any of them are dreaming. About 3 of them raise their hands and say 'ya I'm dreaming too', and I ask are u lucid? Then realizing that if they declared themselves in the dreamworld then ofcourse they are lucid. Duh. One of them was a reality show contestant I had just watched, and we had gone to the same school, so I test the dreamworld and say 'email me a number and I will check to see if I receive in the real world, then we can tell if you are real or not'. He goes sure. I get a strong feeling the number he will email me is 57.. I think to myself that.. BTW no email this morning lol.

After that I am in a beachy park area. I go to the beach, and sit down in the warm sand. I try to take it ALL in again, feel the warmth of the sand in my hands as I grab a scoop and let it flow out of my hands. That's about all i can remember.

I did find that I awoke several times, but laid still and reentered the dreamworld.. this is perhaps when I would partake in the different scenes.

My task was to create energy in my hands and heal and grow my body.. however I never fully commited to this during my LD. I tried but was not fully engaged in the activity.. I think I was too engrossed with the idea of being lucid and all the things I could try that it is very hard to remain disciplined. This time I was much more disciplined than the previous experience I had, so I'm making ground. My thought pattern was more like 'ok hurry up and try this and then we can move onto funner things'.

Anyways, I'm taking the next day off, and gonna consume even larger portion the next night. :geek:

This Calea Z stuff is a miracle! :mrgreen:

What do you guys think? Am I doing something wrong? Why can't I remember to rub my hands together and ask for clarity? I think I will get better, I'm a rookie still. But if anyone has helpful advice I'd soak it in.

Thanks for reading my essay! :ugeek: lol
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Re: My experience on Calea Z

Postby Cloud 9 » 19 Feb 2015 18:05


I took 7-8 ml again last night after a couple nights off. I had a small LD wherein I eventual forgot I was lucid. So dumb. But whence I did become lucid, I remembered to do my reality check, putting my fingers thru my palm and stretching my fingers. Neither of these 2 checks worked, even though I KNEW I was dreaming. Why?? Is it because I've done them countless of times in waking reality to no avail? it's hard to attain that expectation of success when every time prior it has not worked.. even if it's in a different existential plane. I think this setback, which kinda frustrated me in the dream may have led to my eventual losing lucidity.

Furthermore, this dream was not as long or intense an experience as my previous LD described above.

I fear that with Calea z you've always got to be increasing the dosages. Same dosages has provided me diminishing results The second time around.

Now, I'm still below the 10-15 ml Rebecca recommends, so perhaps my varying results are because of low general doses. And to get consistent results maybe we are to stay in that range of dosage?

Can anyone help?

I've got one enough calea z left for one last dosage that would be in that 10-15 ml range. So I'm gonna hang my hat on that and go for gold!

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I will not stop. I will not quit. The universe has no option but to process my request. I am a man possessed.

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