music in dreams

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music in dreams

Postby jlmmy » 17 Feb 2015 13:28

glad iv found this site. no one i know wants to talk about dreams.

has anyone had a dream where they can play angelic music even if they cant play an instrument? i wish i could of transferred this to "reality".

also has anyone had taste and smell in a dream? its such a wired occurrence.

nice to hear peoples experiences

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Re: music in dreams

Postby Philosopher8659 » 17 Feb 2015 14:57

I did a little research on those topics.

I once heard a version of Rainbow Race that was absolutely breathtaking in a dream.

I also tried the other sense, and leaned this. One can dream using multiple senses and one can dream in a single sense. For example, the sensation of falling.

I realized that even fear is used for a specific reason. Our ability to focus and remain rational is obstructed by our own reaction to emotion. So, one is actually trained using emotion. One must learn to focus.

Taste is one that was really a bummer, most things in the dream state tastes like old carpet.

I also learned something else, sense acuity in dream can rival waking acuity, however, the sensual experience is often degraded on purpose. We function through perception. The sensual experience in the lucid dream is degraded to protect us from our own primitive reaction to it. If people could, they would dream their life away.

One may arrive at this should they be given examples of how mind blowing the sensual experience can actually be.

This is one aspect that one should reflect a great deal on.

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Re: music in dreams

Postby Blast169 » 17 Feb 2015 17:33

I was listening to the radio while sleeping.

I had a dream where the music was very distorted and creepy. The odd thing was I wasent even dreaming anything all i heard was music

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Re: music in dreams

Postby jlmmy » 17 Feb 2015 20:19

this dreaming stuff is blowing my mind. the one time i recall a taste it was very nice, but the music was like nothing else iv ever heard.

i went lucid last night and what triggered it was the total negativity of the people in the dream. it was a dream where everyone was horrible and it clicked, then i rubbed my hands which worked but i couldnt properly control the dream like usual, so it was like half lucid. one part of the dream was in a night club and ironicly i remember saying how shit the music was but in a happy dream i bet it would be alot better.

i ate processed food which made me itch all night and im sure that transferred negatively in the dream.

interesting stuff how the mind works

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Re: music in dreams

Postby StormSharkX » 18 Feb 2015 13:27

The subject of sound in dream is something I have recently thought about a lot, am not sure just how wide spread this problem is, but fairly recently I realized or am at starting to highly suspect that personally I think I dont hear anything within my dreams, ever.

Thats not to say that others may not naturally often and easily manifest sound from within there dreams and experience them as sound on a brainwave level, I recall seeing reports from people who claim they don't dream in colour, have even seen it claimed to nobody can dream in colour, and not sure quite how wide spread this belief or what kind of percent dont dream in colour to make this claim exist, but I am 100% certain I do see colours in my dreams, by similar comparison I believe that some are able to hear sound in there dreams and others can't, and I believe I am one of those who can't

Its not as straight forward as it may seem jumping to this conclusion since I am still able to communicate through language with dream characters, but I am 95% certain this for me is always done via what seems in my dreams to be more a telepathic link of exchange than verbal sound.

Obviously from what you say about your dream you can hear sound, but it would be interesting to see how many people can, can't or are unsure if they can hear sounds from there dreams.

As for other sensations, I sometimes feel sensations of touch in my dreams and can recall the touch sensation of wind blowing over my face while flying on many occasions, I have felt the sensation of been pinned down before also, as for taste or smell I can't ever recall having those sensations.

So to sum it up of the 5 senses.

Sight = 100% Yes and in colour
Sound = 95% no, but instead gain a scene of telepathy in communication with other dream characters
Taste = unsure, never thought to try or recall
Touch = 99% Yes
Smell = unsure, never thought to try or recall

Will be sure to dive deeper into testing out taste and smell on my next lucid opportunity.

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Re: music in dreams

Postby jlmmy » 18 Feb 2015 13:54

good idea, maybe try and summon an instrument and see if you can play. u may supprise yourself


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Re: music in dreams

Postby Evacarey » 20 Feb 2015 20:14

Music in dreams are musical experiences that happened amid sleep.

Dream researchers watched that the event of music in dreams are typical. In any case, people have the general limit in managing complex acoustic representations like music in their fantasy state, notwithstanding other life representations, for example, dialect, expressions, reasoning, religion, science, solution, arithmetic, and so forth. Such life representations have been here on Earth as a given for some reasons, and afterward, people have a tendency to figure out the avocations, that is the reason those legitimization, much the same as in music, often fail to pan out.
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Re: music in dreams

Postby dylanobilly » 22 Feb 2015 22:43

One time, like 2 weeks ago, I had a dream where I was in a car, and I heard a song I know and enjoy in waking life (In Between Days by Ben Folds) and I heard these "new verses" to the song, and I remember it sounding amazing! My thought was that the other (real) version I'd been listening to, was just a sample of the real song. It was amazing! Music in a lucid dream is really something I want to try

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Re: music in dreams

Postby jlmmy » 22 Feb 2015 23:03

i hope it happens again, sounds out of this world. been having bad recall lately and really boring dreams, just mundane occurrences

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