Some questions

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Some questions

Postby fradeb » 21 Feb 2015 16:40

Hello everybody!
My name is Francesco and I come from Italy (so I'm sorry for my really bad English).
My friend has spoken with me about "lucid dreaming" and so I decided to try this experience.
I have some questions for you =)
1) I have read a lot of information about sleep paralysis. Is it really so frightening?
2) I am one of the smartest person in Italy (QI = 176). Can my intelligence influence over lucid dreaming?
3) Before sleeping I usually use my mobile phone for half an hour. Can this fact influence over lucid dreaming?

I start to writing a diary with all my detailed dreams (I can remember very very very very well what I dream). Is this diary useful?

Thank you everybody and answer soon =)

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Re: Some questions

Postby DataTunnel » 25 Feb 2015 22:31

Hey! I'll answer your questions the best I can. Remember, I'm answering based on my personal lucid dreaming experiences.

1) Sleep paralysis can be very frightening. I've experienced it a handful of times, and each time it was terrifying. Imagine laying in bed with your eyes open, not able to move at all and also hallucinating heavily at the same time. Some people are not scared by it because they've learned to "let go" and not feel fear when it happens, but not me.

2) Your Intelligence level definitely affects your dreams, lucid or not. Most of all, it will affect how you understand your dreams after you've woken up from them. Dreams can be very symbolic, and the more intelligent you are, the more in depth your understanding will be of your dreams and their meanings.

3) Using your phone for a half hour before bed probably won't have a huge effect on your dreams, but you can use it to your advantage. For example, before bed I sometimes will read about lucid dreaming on the internet or I'll watch videos on it. This helps a lot because it is telling your brain that lucid dreaming is important to you. You'll have a better chance of becoming lucid if you do something like this.

Dream diary is great! Make sure you keep it up!

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