The Stupidest Ways You've Missed Becoming Lucid

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The Stupidest Ways You've Missed Becoming Lucid

Postby Je-Je » 24 Feb 2015 12:47

Share your stupidest ways you've missed becoming lucid:

I will start:
I remember a dream where I open my dreamjournal and was counting the number of LDs that I had but didn't realize that this was a dream.
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Re: The Stupidest Ways You've Missed Becoming Lucid

Postby Inedible » 24 Feb 2015 23:08

My dumbest way was to actually recognize that my current dream was a dream and to then not remember why I should care. It was a recurring dream and I knew what kinds of things were going to happen next because I recognized which dream I was having.

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Re: The Stupidest Ways You've Missed Becoming Lucid

Postby TheDude » 25 Feb 2015 02:08

I knew in the back of my mind that I was dreaming. I was on the verge of being lucid and I could feel it. I was thinking about lucidity for goodness sakes! And you wanna know how I missed it? I pushed it aside and became distracted by some thing shiny like I was a cat following a laser pointer. Biggest. Fail. Ever.
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Re: The Stupidest Ways You've Missed Becoming Lucid

Postby taniaaust1 » 25 Feb 2015 09:56

I had a dream in which I become very aware that the situation I was in was very strange and something which just shouldnt happen, so I was fully aware the situation around me couldnt be real.

So Im trying hard to figure out how on earth I could be in this situation eg Have I banged my head? Maybe Ive died? Maybe I have a fever and are halluncinating? etc etc. I ended up becoming convinced that the most likely senario was someone must of spiked my drinks and that I must be hallucinating.

Freaking out cause I then thought my drinks had been spiked (I thought my actual body was real), I woke up and got my answer lol

It didnt occur to me to think at all that I may be lucid dreaming. (If I'd thought of that in all my far out senarios I would of known I was). I dont even drink so the whole spiked drinks senario :roll: and I couldnt even WILD back into the dream like I often could do due to having got so stirred up when I thought my drinks had been spiked, I'd got my adrenaline up.
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Re: The Stupidest Ways You've Missed Becoming Lucid

Postby Doors » 27 Feb 2015 12:48

When I have a broken phone in my hand and I continuously try to use it but it doesn't work. Then I sat on the phone (It was a touchscreen modern cell phone) and rode it like a magic carpet down the street simultaneously playing rap music. After that I continued frustratingly trying to make the cell phone work, it was cracked and broken but it was playing music... and the dream ended with trying to get into my old Highschool and being stopped by Mafia mobsters wearing suits and fedoras. It eventually did become lucid and I began fighting the mobsters and it was some extreme fun since it was a matrix style super human fight. :mrgreen:

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Re: The Stupidest Ways You've Missed Becoming Lucid

Postby Allyk47 » 12 Mar 2015 22:16

I LOVE the topic idea... If I was a mod, I'd totally give you kudos or something.

And I don't think your missed lucid was "stupid" by any means... It's FUNNY, because of the context that you were reading about your LD's while in an LD and didn't realize it... But. Looking through a DJ and reading over entries in a journal in general is a very typical, common, MUNDANE everyday activity. There is no way you could've known it was a dream. Nothing weird about going through a DJ esp if you write in it often. If I may make a suggestion though? From now on, whenever you write in your DJ or read through it, do a quick RC. Not only will it prevent what happened from occurring again, but also if you write in your DJ when you wake up, it can prevent false awakenings. My general rule of thumb is to do a RC every time I think about an RC. I just look at my hands. It takes 2 seconds and well worth it if it ever carries over to produce a DILD, even just once.

As far as my OWN stupidest missed LD's....

The other night I fell into a perfectly-executed WILD. I "woke up" in the dream, in my bedroom.... now lucid in a dream taking place in the exact location where I was only minutes ago, trying to fall asleep. (Almost like an astral projection, but not.) I decided to float across my room both as a reality check to kick off the dream, and just for fun. But I bounced off the wall behind my TV. Woops. Guess I need more open spaces to be a good flier. Right there, already, I began to lose some awareness. My first thought was "Ohsht, I hope I didn't just wake my parents." (*yes, I live back at home with them....not for too much longer!!...but that's irrelevant. What is relevant is that their bedroom is directly on the other side of my TV wall.) But then I reminded myself, "I'm in a dream. Everyone is still sleeping, including me, and I'm not making a disturbance of any sort. I'm good."

But right just then, I hear a loud knocking sound, seemingly from outside my window. I start to panic. Anxiety. Lucid nightmare coming on. Ohhhh crap. Then, again I reminded myself..."I'm in the dream. What happens here is only a product of my subconscious, and I can make that scary knock be from whatever I want it to be from." Then, I remembered my dream goal for the night. To meet so-n-so from so-n-so movie. Blah blah blah. So I thought, "Oh, cool, perfect opportunity to practice the 'Expecting the DC to be there, behind a dream door' technique.... That scary knock totally wasn't coming from outside the window, it was bedroom door. And when I open it, He is going to be on the other side."

I open it. No dice. It's not my intended DC, but instead, my dad. And he's asking me to come into the room with him&my mom to look at something. I can't remember what it was they wanted me to check out. All I remember is that I was like "Oh, okay", because from the moment I saw him, I COMPLPETELY lost my awareness. This was LIKE a false awakening, but not one.

It wasn't a false awakening; false awakenings are justified and they happen to even experienced, avid lucid dreamers. It was just a simple case of the dumbass. HOW DO YOU FORGET THAT YOU ARE IN A LUCID DREAM, FROM ONE SECOND TO THE NEXT?!?! :shock:

Complete and utter imbecile, I am.

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Re: The Stupidest Ways You've Missed Becoming Lucid

Postby Allyk47 » 12 Mar 2015 22:26

Also, I've recently gotten a lot of damn-near-WILDs at bedtime... hypnagogic stuff...auditory hallucinations.... and I always seem to get to anxious and break out of the SP as it is JUST setting on. I don't know why I keep doing that... I should be so excited when I can feel myself going out... But instead I just get freaked. It's true what they say about it being "a terrifying experience" to lie down and watch as your body enters a temporary death-like state. I don't normally question my reality, during the day.... but when I'm laying down and begin to feel hypnagogia, I don't know what's real and what's not.

Part of that, I believe, is from my first almost-perfect WILD.... I was trying to do the finger technique.... and at some point, I started to hear my heartbeat.... which, is perfectly normal when you're wearing earplugs, especially if you're like me and your heart rate increases like the dickens as you feel yourself going out.... But, at some point, I fell asleep. And somewhere in there, my heart rate got faster...and faster..and faster... and louder.. until it was just about deafening... Then, I woke up to my daughter crawling into bed with me....

And then shortly after, I woke up for real. With my daughter still in her own bed asleep.

You can imagine what colorful words I cursed myself with after I realized what had happened.
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Re: The Stupidest Ways You've Missed Becoming Lucid

Postby Guitar48300 » 13 Mar 2015 01:02

I was in my backyard for some P.E. exercise(I was a senior in high school) where a guest drill sergeant was gonna teach the class. He was teaching us how to dodge bullets by making us run away while he shot his M16 assault rifle at us. While I was in line I said to myself "Man if this we're a lucid dream I'd be out of here. Maybe even take this guy down"

Oh and one kid ahead of me decided to refuse the drill sergeant, he got dragged by his shirt into my garage, the drill sergeant slammed the door which shook the earth and yelled so loud it could probably be heard a mile or two away.
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Re: The Stupidest Ways You've Missed Becoming Lucid

Postby Allyk47 » 13 Mar 2015 16:55


I now officially know how the OP felt, haha.

Last night, in part of one of my dreams, I was looking at a changeable-letter-board (y'know like the type you see out in front of churches and whatnot)....that was advertising some supplements for sale.... I was reading it.... and one of the only supplements I recognized on there... was freakin' GALANTAMINE. You'd think right then&there Id've recognized I was in a dream, or at the very least thought "Oh, Galantamine, the so-called LD-ing pill....Lucid dreams, lucid dreams...REALITY CHECK! I should check my hands real quick just while I'm thinking about it"....

But nope.

(fortunately I got lucid later on in another dream, but still. I could've spent so much MORE time lucid if not for that dumb missed signal)

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Re: The Stupidest Ways You've Missed Becoming Lucid

Postby xboxspider » 15 Mar 2015 02:48

I had just recently got back from Disney World and i had recurring dreams of it(one was lucid :D ) When i dreamed of it, it was completely different and i had no clue. Another one was when i used a Windows(I could see the screen. I thought you couldn't see screens in LDs.) and the Windows button took up like 1/4 of the screen. I was an idiot for not noticing that :lol:
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