Waking Up On Time

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Waking Up On Time

Postby Lucror » 25 Feb 2015 00:12

Hi everyone. I'm fairly new to the whole idea of lucid dreaming, and I have a main question, and a smaller, less important one. The main one is how can I wake myself up in the middle of the night to attempt a FILD or WILD, as alarms generally don't wake me up consistently. I can't use an iPod alarm or anything due to how I can't sleep with earbuds in or headphones on. The second question: How realistic is lucid dreaming? How real feeling are all the senses and the environment?

Thanks Everyone!

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Re: Waking Up On Time

Postby torakrubik » 25 Feb 2015 00:28

Not really sure I can suggest anything for your main question! However as for how realistic it is - it varies. Sometimes it's still blurry and unstable but I have also had a few lucids where the environment is exactly as real as waking reality. It's a very strange moment when you can touch, look at, hear everything crystal clear.
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Re: Waking Up On Time

Postby TheDude » 25 Feb 2015 01:50

I used to have the same problem. I was having trouble waking up on time and my alarm clocks just didn't do it for me. My dad bought an alarm for me for Christmas that worked pretty well. The thing that this alarm does different is that it shakes the bed and makes the loudest sound in the history of alarm clocks :D.

Here's a link: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Sonic-Alert-Boom-Alarm-Clock-BB500SS/15707865

For your second question, I have only had two Lucid dreams but they were both very vivid and exiting experiences. I remember them like they happened in real life. In one I was near the scene of what I think to be a bomb explosion or something of the sort and I felt the heat of the fires, the colors were sharp, and the air smelled of soot. Unfortunately I woke up and was not able to continue the dream and I was too focused on my excitement of having a lucid dream to really get the full experience. Still, lucid dreams are amazing.
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