Increase control (and another question)

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Increase control (and another question)

Postby spuppet » 25 Feb 2015 01:42

Hi there,

new to the forum! Last year I learnt to lucid dream via what I think is the WILD technique - if I have a nap/wake up and then go back to sleep, I can almost always separate my body and explore a dream world. I was wondering if anybody could provide some answers to a few of my questions.

Firstly - my dreams always start of as VERY unclear. I have to walk around what feels like a dark version of the world until clarity increase after 30 seconds or so. Why is that?

Also, I was wondering if anyone can provide some quick methods to possibly help increase control over my dream world. At the moment, I can't even fly for more than a few seconds before I fall and hit the ground. I feel like my lucid dreams aren't quite "full dreams" - does anyone else feel this way?


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Re: Increase control (and another question)

Postby DataTunnel » 25 Feb 2015 02:51

To your first question- the reason your lucid dreams start out very unclear (I like to use the term "foggy" for this state in the dream) is because your conscious mind needs time to adjust to the dream environment. What's happening is, your body is fully asleep, but the parts of your mind that deal with logic and your senses need time to slowly start to wake up the moment you become lucid. This is why it can be a real challenge to maintain lucidity.

My recommendation to stabilize the dream is to interact with the environment in any way you can. Any type of sensory input can help your conscious mind assimilate into the environment.
A few methods are:
Look at your hands
Rub your hands together
Feel a texture in the environment such as a carpet or the grass
Focus your vision on a single point
Say things out loud, such as "I'm lucid!" or "I'm dreaming"

However, be careful not to focus too much on any of these methods, because you'll lose yourself in the activity. For example, I had a dream recently in which I went lucid and I started repeating to myself "I'm Lucid, I'm Lucid!" over and over. I thought this would help stabilize the dream, but I focused in on what I was saying so much to the point where all I could think of were the WORDS "I'm Lucid" and not the actual activity of trying to stabilize the dream. I lost lucidity and was kicking myself when I woke up.

Good Luck!

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