can you "possess" someone during an OBE?

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can you "possess" someone during an OBE?

Postby Nickfan40 » 25 Feb 2015 17:32

I ask this question because of something I read in Sun magazine several years ago. Being that it's a tabloid magazine, it probably didn't happen, but here goes:

A woman was telling of her stay in a hospital, but I forgot what she was in for. She was lying in a hospital bed and, while out-of-body, "saw" a nurse almost give her the wrong medicine in her IV tube. She reached out, grabbed the nurse's wrist really tight, and made her drop the vial, shattering it on the floor. It was then that the nurse realized her mistake, and started to cry.

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Re: can you "possess" someone during an OBE?

Postby taniaaust1 » 26 Feb 2015 15:34

What you describe is not a case of possession. Possession is when someone controls anothers mind or body by actually taking over it by being inside of it.

The one in this story was simply stopped by another who was astral.

The situation you describe yes could quite likely be true. It is possible for astral projectors to do things which others who are physical can feel esp if the other is a bit sensitive (not all are).

Ive heard of astral projectors pinching people and leaving marks (thou I doubt that is common, marking a physical body I think would be much harder then just getting another to feel one self when one is astral. People can sometimes feel throu their own astral body when physical, so it may be more about that then a physical body feeling an astral one).

I myself havent experimented with astral/physical people contact and what can be done. Thou Ive had a few interesting astral experiences.
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