Failed passing through a wall

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Failed passing through a wall

Postby Victus » 25 Feb 2015 22:48

In the internet I came across checking technique which says that try to pass through wall or try to impale it with your hand or finger. If you can do it, it means you're sleeping.
Recently I had a dream after lucid one. So it was like lucid but I faltered and wanted to check. Usually I apply technique of closing my nose and trying to breathe, this time I decided to pass through wall. I was in the room. I stepped into a wall and immediately rebounded. It was frustrating. I tried second time only with hand, the same repeated, hand rebounded. And then lucid-like(I suspected that it was a dream, but couldn't control it) dream continued to some point where I woke up.
So, what it could be?
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Re: Failed passing through a wall

Postby Inedible » 25 Feb 2015 23:24

Sometimes going through walls is more difficult for me, too. I read that the easiest way is to just turn around and push backward without thinking about it too much. Just focus on pushing.

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Re: Failed passing through a wall

Postby jasmine2 » 26 Feb 2015 03:31

I agree with Inedible that trying to back through the dream wall may help. You could also imagine that the part of the wall you want to move through changes into a warm, pleasant mist, which is easy to pass through. Or, close your eyes and imagine, in some detail, how things look and feel on the other side of the wall. Then imagine opening your eyes and discovering that you are already completely in that other space, without necessarily having any awareness of passing through the wall.

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Re: Failed passing through a wall

Postby dreamstudent » 26 Feb 2015 07:14

I had a lucid this morning in which I crawled out of bed then I pushed through my wall with my shoulder and went right through. you just have to know you can do it. NOT believe not hope. KNOW that you can. and you will.

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