My teacher, Robert Englund, Part II

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My teacher, Robert Englund, Part II

Postby Nickfan40 » 26 Feb 2015 17:46

I am a visitor at Ashland Elementary, where I went to school. I look into a classroom and see myself at 6 years old. I am wearing a red shirt, blue overall shorts, but I can't tell what shoes. I'm doing some kind of work at a table, but I don't see a teacher.

Later, I am myself at 6 years old. It feels weird because it's like I'm wearing my body like a Halloween costume. I am walking down some stairs with my class. There is a man with us, but I can't tell who he is.

When we get to the bottom of the stairs, he leans backward against a green metal door and opens it to let us through. I am looking straight ahead, but can still see the man beside me, but only from the waist down. He is wearing gray pants and black shoes. I recognize the walls and hallway as being from 1981, long before they remodeled it.

We get to the front foyer and I finally see who it is: It is a young Robert Englund. He has long, curly blonde hair, big glasses, and wearing that tight 3 piece gray suit that I like. He looks like a cross between Paul Chevalier from Night Terrors and Tim Wexler from the 1st season McGyver episode, Flame's End.

He says that we are going to have our class picture taken outside. The scene changes to the modern day and that of my bedroom walk-in closet, which I can see clearly. I am going through some old papers and come upon my 1st grade class picture. It had been a beautiful spring day and the tree (I'm not sure what kind it was) was in full bloom. I laugh when I look at it because of the strange expressions on some of the kids faces. Ozon and Felicia were kidding around, Jenny was afraid of the bee that was flying around the tree. Robert Englund is standing right next to Larry. I know I am dreaming now because I'm thinking, "This isn't possible! That's supposed to be my 4th grade class picture!" I wake up.
I'm not sure if it was the NovaDreamer or the Kelly Howell Ecstacy CD that was messing around with my memories like that. I had travelled back in time in my dream, but not *exactly*, because the memory was changed. I was probably wishing that Robert Englund had been my teacher or something. How weird! :lol: :o

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