I keep dreaming about my classmates

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I keep dreaming about my classmates

Postby extenz » 26 Feb 2015 22:27

I've been trying to remember my dreams for the past week and every dream I recalled is somehow related to my classmates. I rarely talk to them in my dreams tho ... I'm always near them but quiet most of the time.

I had little bit of social anxiety few months ago and I just couldn't talk to anyone in waking life except few people but that should be over by now.

PS: Sorry for my English, I'm from Czech Republic
PS2: I've been also bullied for a while ( ~ 2 - 3 months ), but I left the school asap :|

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Re: I keep dreaming about my classmates

Postby jasmine2 » 28 Feb 2015 02:38

Working with dreams can be a good way to help deal with many daily challenges and attitudes.

Before you go to sleep, you could imagine that, as you pass by some of your classmates in the hallway, you just briefly make eye contact and nod and smile.

It can be a bit intimidating to start conversations with people sitting at a lunch table. Imagine that in a dream, some classmates are standing around talking casually about familiar daily activities. You can just hang around the edge of the group, and then add an occasional brief comment, which might open up more conversation.

Patricia Garfield, in her book "Creative Dreaming", talks a lot about incubating dreams in order to practice overcoming social challenges, or to improve on new skills.

Best Wishes - jasmine2

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