HAGART's Crazy Dream Journal

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HAGART's Crazy Dream Journal

Postby HAGART » 27 Feb 2015 05:04

(Copied from my journal. Blue text is added info)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

(had a 2 hour WBTB in the morning when sunlight out) (That's a good recipe for a vivid dream)

I was at Maple Hill (a house I use to live in about 4 years ago), and forget how it started, but the house (maybe a new bathroom) was being renovated again, and I couldn't figure out why mom is so obsessed with renovating all the time (which she does in real life and think about that a lot and what her problem is). I went out the front door and the driveway was clear except for a small patch of ice. I got in close and admired its beauty. They looked like miniature rock formations, spires with flat tops you'd see in a desert each about a foot tall. The sun was shining and they sparkled as real as real life. I felt self conscious as if I was behaving like a child playing in the front yard when I should be an adult. I then walked down the driveway some more. There were workers, contractors and painters, around and I didn't want them to notice me, being embarrassed that I live at home with my mother. I saw a pickup truck in front of the shed and it was plugged in, and I just assumed there had always been an electrical plug there, and they must have needed to charge their battery. Then I turned a corner toward the back yard, and there was a van, and I looked inside, through the open backdoor. It was full of supplies like paint cans, and one was a large, plastic barrel. Dad was there to the left (he died about 13 years ago), and to the right was one of the workers and he said the barrel had salt in it, and there was more, and I noticed a side compartment beside the right back seat. I saw it was open and full of salt, and then felt like it was our van and he was going to damage it by having all that salt in there, spilling over.

I left and continued walking and wanted to go back inside. There was a large 10-20 foot step ladder (A shaped), in front of the downstairs door, and I saw a guy inside working. I didn't want to walk under the ladder and was trying to avoid being seen so I wouldn't have to interact with anybody. I continued walking around the house and saw patches of saw dust on the grass, very clearly, every detail. I walked to the back porch and up the steps and was about to enter the kitchen when I saw another worker in there. I hesitated and thought I could just avoid him by walking through the kitchen part, bypassing him.

The guy saw me and was in his 20's or so and he had a dark beard. He saw me, so I nodded at him without a word, not wanting to talk. I forget what he said, but he thought I was being rude to him. Like why am I avoiding talking to him? I told him, "We're all the same". Then I thought of weed and said, "I sized you up and you're cool". (Implying we both smoke pot). I then wanted to go to my room and get some to smoke. (I haven't had any since 2007, when I first moved into that house in real life) The door was painted green, not white like it should be, and still wet, so I would have to step in carefully not to touch it. I then noticed the walls were wet as as well and absolutely everything in the house was being renovated.

I couldn't believe it. I wondered, "Is this a dream? It's way too realistic!" I pressed my right, index+middle finger through my left palm and there was some resistance, but finally it went through. I noticed it had only slipped through the fingers, so it wasn't actually through my palm. Still suspicious, knowing not to give up on reality checks, I saw a case of beer in the hall, and willed one to fly up and into my hand like a Jedi. It worked! I could even feel the weight of the bottle as I held it, it was so real. I turned around and saw the guy with the beard, and another worker, the one I saw earlier, and said, "Alright! You guys had me. You can stop now." They looked puzzled. I said, "How do you explain this?", and I Jedi-ed another beer right to my hand. "You know it's a dream!" The bottles must have already been open because I then tilted them up above my head and poured both in my open mouth, tasting it and feeling it dribbled down my neck. Then I dumped the remainder on them, tossed the bottles aside and walked away. (Pretty cool! 8-) I don't have time to waste getting in arguments with DC's that deny it's a dream and got fed up with them. I've fallen down that mental trap many times before.)

I walk to the steps that lead upstairs and I saw someone, I think a girl, but more humanoid (like a nymph or an elf you know?), and she spoke to me through the railing and said, "Look for ______". (I forget the name). I got the feeling if I go upstairs there will be a wise DC who is waiting for me with that name. I go upstairs and see many people, but all recognizable family members and I announce, "Who's _______?" Someone pointed to an object on the dinner table and it had words on it. It wasn't paper, but like a soft tablet about the size of a book, and a centimeter thick. It had 3 lines of text on it and felt like it must contain some noble truth. It was written in a slanted italic font like calligraphy so I felt the dream must be making the words look important choosing that font because everything seems wiser when written in calligraphy. I began to read the first sentence. It was something like, 'he who...' or 'when they'... And I then decided to start again, and noticed it was different now. It then had a few words I don't remember, but used 'boy' as the pronoun instead, and read it again and now it was, 'girl', and the font was now large letters like fridge magnets or stencil, but black. I couldn't figure out how it changed so quickly without ever noticing the change each time I re-read it. (It's still mind boggling and a good topic on this forum). I gave up on it and looked around the room wondering what else to do.

I saw others on a couch in the TV room, and I saw Sarah (brother's wife) sitting between the TV room and Dinning room. She had a short, red beard for some odd reason, and I couldn't figure it out while in the dream, trying to interpret it. I walked up to her and placed my hand on her chest, knowing and feeling how taboo it was, but I wanted to do something shocking for all to see. I pushed deeper and sunk my hand right in to her body, wrist deep. Then I slid it upward, seeing the bulge of my hand under her skin go up past the neck and into her face, between her skull and skin. As I did, her face became distorted like a mask and then was blank, devoid of any facial features. My arm was inside her up to my elbow and I was gripping the inside of her skull and could feel it on my palm as I clenched it tight. I looked over at Andrew (her husband) and said, "What do you think of this?" He didn't respond. I then pulled my arm out and when I did, her face became blackened and burnt, and saggy like a loose mask.

Then I heard some music kick in and on the first beat, in an instant her face was back to normal. I began to think of what else to do and the dream begins to fade as I wake up.

(False Awakening that I totally thought was real).
I wake up in the bed downstairs (a place I crash sometimes, and was sleeping there in real life), and notice I was holding two beer bottles as I was sleeping. That would explain the beer in my dream, I thought. I must have been clenching them too tight, because the screw tops had come off. I got up and pulled back the sheets to find them and screwed them back on, but noticed a cap was already on one and I must have not noticed. I saw several cigarette butts were in the bed too and brushed them off. There was also a lot of chocolate crumbs from a Toblerone Bar which I brushed off. Lazy and disheveled, I went back to sleep and closed my eyes.

The next thing I remember, I was at a computer, and must have been viewing imagery and words on it, transfixed, but was now in a room. There was a girl to my left and one sitting on a couch to the right like the green leather one in the TV room. I felt like both of them were people I talk to online about lucid dreaming and were visiting me and I had never seen them before. The girl on the couch was only 10 and had been lucid dreaming since she was 7. (Never saw her and yet, 'just knew'. Perhaps I got that information during HI and hearing voices, which I suspect was when I was unaware while 'transfixed at the computer'.) The other girl was in her twenties, and was attractive. I told her, I never knew the other one was so young and we should watch what we say online all the time and forget little kids might read my adult humor. I saw an image on the screen and hard to remember, but it was like a chat site of some kind. The little girl said there was a game she use to play and was explaining it and I had a vision of it being in a blue box and was like connect 4, but with dominoes (each end has a different color and set of dots) and you need to connect and match the numbers, or colors. Then she said there was another game too and forget the details, but it was very similar to the first. I think they both had names, but forget them. (Made sense at the time, but not now.)

Then I just took a moment to ogle the other girl sitting next to me as she was watching the computer screen, reading. She had black hair and fair skin, cute eyes and nose, and thought to myself, she's beautiful, but why exactly? I can't pin point it, but I know beauty when I see it. I then scanned down and ogled her sexy legs. She was wearing some dark shorts.

I then had the sad realization that I might be dreaming. I poked my finger through my palm as I did earlier and saw it go through, first stretching the skin like a tent and then it popped out. I could see the nail of my finger on the other side, very realistically. The attractive girl was now sitting on the carpet, and I wanted to make a move, but was still nervous so I made an object, I forget what, move like a Jedi again, and was now convinced I was dreaming. I told her, "You know this is a dream right, and what that means?" She didn't answer. (I ask permission of my dream characters and don't need to explain to them what I mean because I've learned you can speak tacitly with them). I got in close and placed my hand on her leg and tried to kiss her on the lips, but in a flash she was gone.

I was now standing in the same room, but it was devoid off all dream characters. I knew it was my lucid awareness that caused it and almost wished I hadn't realized I was dreaming. I look around to get my bearings and the layout is similar to the living room in another old house I use to live in. I figured I might as well find a different girl and I began my search, but then realize I am wearing glasses and took them off. They felt very realistic, but don't remember any vision change. As I pass an arm chair I put the glasses on it. I knew I was dreaming, and yet didn't feel like damaging them. I tried to just know that she would be around a corner and I tried to expect it, but when I looked, it was empty.

I went into the kitchen and it was like the one here in this house, but the fridge was at the wall where it originally was a few years ago before the renovation. I saw someone standing in front of the open door. It was semi-female like in form, but shrouded in a cloth, so I walked over and tried to kiss her, but her face was like a round disk, and when I did it tasted like blue berry pie, very vividly with the feeling and texture in my mouth as well. Then she was suddenly a bag of pita bread, as I suddenly got the impression she was Middle Eastern. I look around the kitchen on the other side of the counter and I saw many kitchen gadget people. It's really hard to describe the duality of recognizing them as people and generic, kitchen gadgets at the same time. You can't draw it. I then felt like each was just a hat popping up like a puppet on the other side of the counter and the rest of them was below, so I would lift one to see if there's a head under it, but it was then just an object in my hand, and then see another dual-person-object peripherally and lift and again, it was just an object. I then see a creepy figure walking in from the left, and it was walking slow, wearing black leather, long black hair covering it's face and head lowered. It was shorter than me, about 5 feet. I lifted it's hair and saw a grotesque skull, like it was the grim reaper.

I didn't feel fear. I was disappointed I couldn't find anybody attractive. Then I decided to give up on trying to find an attractive girl and thought of what I should do. I tried to remember a goal of mine. The first thing that came to mind was to try and do a handstand in the dream and see it all upside down. I put my hands on the ground and tried to lift my body up, but it was exactly like trying to do one in real life and I couldn't get up. I decided to try and use a wall to lean against, but again, I just couldn't lift myself up. So then I just leaned over and viewed the room upside down between my legs. I tried to imagine that the floor was now the ceiling and saw the room tilt toward me. Getting disoriented I stood up again and it was back to normal. I then tried again, and this time the floor was slanting to my left (from that perspective), and I saw Andrew lose his balance and lose his footing and grabbed the wall to keep from falling. There were many dream characters now, meandering aimlessly.

I walk to the sliding door and start to wonder if I am dead and if I will ever wake up. Perhaps that skull-faced, DC was an omen. I was worried I may have died of throat cancer from smoking. I swallowed and could feel a slight burn at the back of my throat the way I did in real life the previous day. I stepped on the balcony and it was sunny out and very colorful. I wanted to wake up because I was getting nervous that I never will. I saw a girl with sexy legs to my left and thought, if I try to mess around with her, that would surly wake me, because my dream is avoiding it, and if not, I have nothing to lose. I walked over to her and tried to lick her, but she morphed into a toy. A beaded chain was dangling between her legs and when I pulled it, like one of those wooden dolls (I looked it up now and it's a 'Jumping Jack Toy' according to Google), the legs moved in, crossing over, in a way to say, don't touch me, and you can't go down there.

I then go to the railing with glass panels, and notice the glass is wet or foggy and can't see through them despite it being a sunny day. Julie (cousin's wife) was sitting where the BBQ would be and watching me. I decided if I jump off that should probably wake me. I climbed over, but chickened out and hung off and dropped to dampen the fall. I saw some people gathered round a table, I think it had a large umbrella. There was a baby in a large stroller with a small, white table or bowl in front, and a bowl on the side. I wanted to piss everyone off to help wake me, so I tilted the stroller backward to the ground and grabbed the a handful of vivid chocolate chips that were in the bowl, and stuffed them in my mouth. I could taste and feel the texture of the pile of chocolate chips in my mouth as I chewed them.

Then suddenly a feeling hit me and I just knew, I was now in the process of waking up. I remained still and just stared at the sky as it faded, saw some odd visuals I can't remember and finally opened my eyes. I was now awake.

(I was surprised I didn't realize my earlier awakening was false, when it was so obvious now. It made me question reality, and how easy it is to mistake it. Although not 100% vivid, in the dream, I truly felt like I was thinking with full alertness and was going to spend the rest of my life there. Although anything but stable, constantly in flux, I could get use to it. That's a scary thought... how fragile my sense of reality and self truly is.)
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Re: Feb. 24, 2015

Postby taniaaust1 » 03 Mar 2015 16:54

Thanks for sharing your lucid, I really enjoyed reading it.

I too end up getting afraid that I may of died if I stay in a LD for too long, thou it takes a while till I go into that fear eg If I go to sleep in my LD after like experiencing a day and then wake up to still find myself in the dream

If I experience more then 24hrs in a LD.. that can start to then really concern me and I'll try to wake up at that point. (unfortunately when Im in those long dreams, I cant seem to wake myself up. I ended up spending 3 days time period in a couple of my LDs due to that (2 whole days/nights of that time thinking I may of died).

Maybe when I do die, that could well be how it may be!


The attractive girl was now sitting on the carpet, and I wanted to make a move, but was still nervous so I made an object, I forget what, move like a Jedi again, and was now convinced I was dreaming. I told her, "You know this is a dream right, and what that means?" She didn't answer. (I ask permission of my dream characters and don't need to explain to them what I mean because I've learned you can speak tacitly with them). I got in close and placed my hand on her leg and tried to kiss her on the lips, but in a flash she was gone.

I was now standing in the same room, but it was devoid off all dream characters. I knew it was my lucid awareness that caused it and almost wished I hadn't realized I was dreaming. I look around to get my bearings and the layout is similar to the living room in another old house I use to live in. I figured I might as well find a different girl and I began my search, but then realize I am wearing glasses and took them off. They felt very realistic, but don't remember any vision change. As I pass an arm chair I put the glasses on it. I knew I was dreaming, and yet didn't feel like damaging them. I tried to just know that she would be around a corner and I tried to expect it, but when I looked, it was empty.

I suggest next time to try to bring the girl to you rather then going out looking for her. When a person goes and looks for DC, I think that may be sending a message to the subconciousness of "I dont know exactly where or how that DC is".. and possibly make it harder to manifest the DC.

So I personally find it far better to yell out for DCs to come to me and then expect them to walk in throu the door then trying to find them. If you wanted to play along with the dream, there is many ways this could of been incorporated to try to get the DC to come to you by yelling something out to her (think of the ways in real life you could get a strange girl to come to you).

eg think of DC being in next room (example.. eg you could of yelled out her description "Blond girl, with blue eyes in the next room, I know you are there, Im a police officer (said while tricking the DC) , Im ordering you to come here as I need to ask you some questions." "You cant escape from the room as my men are outside. I'll count to 5 and if you dont come here now, I'll be taking you down to the police station by force"

or whatever thing else you can think fo saying to get the attractive DC to enter the room you are in...
I try to play along with reality and things someone could do in reality to get a person to come to me. (I have no probs with deceiving DCs if it gets me what I want out of my LD).
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Re: Feb. 24, 2015

Postby HAGART » 05 Mar 2015 06:40

taniaaust1 wrote:Thanks for sharing your lucid, I really enjoyed reading it.

I write epics sometimes, but I know I personally would enjoy reading them too. I like to record every detail, no matter how insignificant and relive the experience. I wish others would do that too sometimes, and a simple paragraph to summarize a dream loses a lot of detail.

I think only once or twice have I ever had a DC come on to me without trying. It's a mental block just like flying. Can't do that very well either. It's all about having confidence. I tend to think, "It's not going to happen", and guess what? It doesn't.

I've had success with both in the past and need to find my inner confidence again.
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Re: Feb. 24, 2015

Postby pluginmango » 08 Mar 2015 21:48

Neat dreaming experience!

I chuckled a bit when I read about the 2 girls. I am 23, have black hair (well actually I've dyed it red now, but my natural hair is black) and I have 3 pairs of black shorts (which I LOVE to wear, i'm wearing one at the moment actually) :lol: So funny!

Eitherway...I've had a similar experience once where I dreamt about being in some sort of wood cabin. The weather was beautiful outside (felt like spring) and I was eating breakfast with some people I had never met before, but I felt like I was really close to them. Suddenly, the mom (at least that's who I felt she was) told me "Don't worry honey, he'll be here soon." and right after she said it, a guy walked in. He was older than me, had black hair was dressed in a black t-shirt and black cargo pants and he came up to me and kissed me on my cheek! I DIDN'T FUCKING KNOW THE GUY :shock: But in my dream it felt like we were dating or something. So I finished my meal and we both went outside for a walk and the landscape was unbelievably breathtaking! We were near a gigantic lake and the grass was beautifully green and stretched for as far as I could see (no other cabins or whatsoever in the neighborhood) He took me somewere up a hill and we both layed down in the grass and started talking (I can't remember what the conversation was about, the dream was a couple of years ago) but everything about it felt "just right". I became lucid when I was lying next to him in the grass and my first thought was to ask him who he was, but I didn't want to spoil the moment :) He was a really nice and cool guy and It felt like I had known him for years!

I liked how you taunted the worker guys by letting that bottle fly into your hand ;) Definitely something I want to try in my future LD's!
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I Tripped, I Fell, I Died.

Postby HAGART » 18 Mar 2015 01:54

A Dream Within A Dream

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I was in a live-stage theatre, and it felt like it was open to the outdoors in a tropical setting as if I was on vacation away from home. A person to my right, a friend of my Aunt had lit a foot long joint earlier, thin as a cigarette and passed it around a group of us as we were in our seats. It was making its rounds behind me. I was worried others would smell it, but nobody seemed to care. Then it finally came to me and there was barely any left. I was nervous about how it would affect me because it's been so long since I've gotten high and it might hit me very hard. But I figured just one toke to remember what it's like shouldn't affect me so much. I took a hit and held it in for a while to get the most out of what's left, and then exhaled. I could actually feel it in my head. I was starting to become intoxicated.

Then I noticed my mother, a few rows ahead and to the right, staring back at me, so I kept it concealed. She averted her gaze, but quickly looked back again. Over and over. Why won't she just let me be? She knows, that I know she's staring at me! We're making eye contact and you still keep doing it! It's just a cigarette, mother. I took another toke, this time pinching it with my thumb and fingers, cupped in my palm to block the view from her.

Then my vision grew dark. I could still move my head and look around, but it was all a dark haze. I was getting worried that I might faint. I relaxed in the seat and remained still. I wondered if I had dropped the joint because I had no use of my hands anymore. It didn't matter, it was at the end of it anyway, so who cares? I'll just sit still and hope nobody notices me. I then felt my mouth curl into a grin and started to get the giggles. I bet others watching me would think I was weird, but hey, I just got high, so I might as well enjoy it.

I started to see things, and feel a sense of movement. After a while I saw a very clear image of a road with the divider lines whizzing by. The rest was all black. I was zooming along. Then I started to feel around, touching things, to keep myself from losing touch of the theatre, but I now had a steering wheel in my hand. I was so far gone. I wasn't sensing reality anymore. I felt like it must have triggered a DMT release, one that perhaps I've had stored up for a while. I was worried I may have collapsed and everyone in the theatre is worried about me.

I'm not sure how, but the next thing I knew, I was inside a house, and to my right was a door to a bathroom. I went in. The light was dim, and there were three mirrors on 3 medicine cabinets. I looked at my reflection and although I couldn't quite pinpoint what was wrong, it was perfectly stable. I was in another world now.

Then I left and willed a few things to my hands for fun. One was a leather work-glove for my right hand and I put it on. I was going to walk upstairs, but I wanted a left glove too. I saw a pair on a table with some other clutter and just willed the correct one to fly to me and one did. I checked and sure enough it was the left one and I put it on too. I like how dreams make things easy, I thought. You don't have to search for it, the right one comes to you.

I went upstairs and outside. It was wet after a rain, and I looked down the driveway and there was a dog, perhaps Baron, laying in the middle. I could have swore I needed the gloves for something and decided to try a handstand. I put my hands on the driveway, propped my elbows on my legs in the frog position (just google Frog Position Gymnastics and look at the images), and then lifted my legs up in a hand stand position. It wasn't that hard, and I felt lighter than I would in reality. I held it for a bit, lost balance, and lowered my legs before I rolled too far forward. I tried again, and failed, and almost did it a third time. I could feel every muscle, including my abs. I wondered how my real body was doing, and if I had died. I took a deep breath and felt like I must still be alive if I can breath. If only the others knew what was happening and that I'm tripping balls right now. I thought it must have been all the years of lucid dreaming that caused this to happen. If only they knew how epic it is to lucid dream. It makes drugs seem like child's play.

I think there was a car in the driveway and I may have checked the trunk for stuff. Then I decided to try and fly. I looked up, but there was a ceiling up high, not a sky. I tore it down with my mind, and a hand gesture, but behind it was a blue barrier, like another painted ceiling, not sky. I turned around and there was a screen door, leading to the 'outside, of outside'. I went out and looked up and now the sky was open with a few clouds. I read a flying technique on the forum here a few days ago, and willed my energy from the solar plexus to my feet and I started to rise. There was a building beside me. I then stopped and felt myself beginning to fall back, so I grabbed some black mesh to hang there and try again. (It's like the green mesh used in construction of buildings in Hong Kong where they use bamboo scaffolding, but this was black and it seemed like one of the floors was being refurbished.) So from mid air, I tried again and it worked. I rose up more, feeling like a force from my feet was lifting me. Like anti gravity boots repelling the ground below. I then shifted the energy to my head and started to accelerate down. I may have tried rising again, but at any rate, I was back on the ground again.

I wondered how long I would be like this for. Perhaps I was dead. As I saw another door and walked through it, I reminded myself that I've had thoughts like this before, and although it can seem like an eternity, it's never as long as I truly think it is, and I'll make it back safely eventually.

I saw three small panes of glass leading outside and I held up my hand and willed each, one at a time, to shatter. Each had a spider web crack in it when I was done. I think I may have then punched one and looked through it. Everything was wet and dreary outside, and I thought, I don't want to spend eternity here. But then again, perhaps there will be sunshine eventually.

I saw a balcony and was going to try flying again, but it had a roof. Perhaps if I go to the edge, I could try. Then I spotted a very attractive woman, and got side tracked for a little bit. It was very weird and kinky and I don't even know how to define 'lucid dream sex' anymore. (I skipped the best part didn't I, but hey, I don't kiss and tell.)

I was soon in a room and there was a computer and I thought I should send a message back to reality and see if I get it when I wake up. I was the WOLD Form quite vividly, opened in a thread, almost exactly the same as reality, but I didn't read any messages. I didn't want to type one there anyway. I was back to a desktop screen and there were strange white icons, symbols infront of a blue background. I clicked on one and there was only one post, in red, and I realized I'm not even a member of that forum. I then tried to find the icon for my email and it was taking time to think. I realized, is this how boring and monotonous real life is? Here in the dream I can barely sit still for 5 seconds and solve problems like this. I then got up and left.

Now, in the room, there were two DC's who I don't recognize, both male, Caucasian, like me and about my age. They were very vivid, and I touched one of their heads and rubbed their hair between my fingers and it was very real. I was planing to cut some of it off and examine it, but I never did. Then I heard one tell another, "Don't go in the basement." I figured he must have killed somebody down there. What an odd thing to say, I pondered to myself. It's quite funny actually. I saw a small poster, or perhaps a T-Shirt on a stuffed animal that read, "I killed _____ in the basement" (forget the name). It was funny because for such a secret he sure advertises it a lot.

I went outside thinking about how this feels like it would be a funny TV show, and I felt something nip me in the butt. It was a bird like creature, about the size of a turkey, but it had no head, just a beak. Someone said, "It's _____", the one who was killed. I guess the guy tried to cut it's head off, but missed, leaving it still alive, just like the real headless bird. (Actual fact if you look it up). I jumped over a large excavated pit and reached safety on the other side, free from that bird-thing.

I started to wonder how my body was doing again. If I was truly having an OBE, I should return to the theatre and check in on it. I walked around, and it felt like a grungy, yet quaint, tropical island. A boy said he knew how to get marijuana onto the island. "You just let the waves carry it in", he said. He meant the seeds and then it will grow wild. But I smirked and knew it already grows here, since I'm high right now.

I saw a local and asked where the theatre was, and he pointed. I knew, that I didn't know where it truly was, but at least if I jump in that general direction I might get to the real one and remote view it. I did and ended up in a building. I searched the halls. It felt like the building was circular and the hall went around the circumference of it, and the theatre was in the center. I saw some fan-girls waiting for one of the actors to come out of the bathroom and assumed they must be in there changing. I went through a door and finally found a place that seemed familiar to me at the time. (Like a false memory and just seemed like I had been there before). It was the hall, just outside the theatre. I think the room was open to the sky. I went through another door into the theatre.

It was vacant and the show was over. I did see a few others though, and went to where I had been sitting. I was laying unconscious and others had tied the arms of my sweater up like a straightjacket. I suppose to keep me held tight and safe, so I don't fall over. I placed my palm on my body's chest and could feel it still pumping to my relief. I assumed the others had done the same, so they know I'm still alive, and are now just waiting for me to awaken. To the right, others where laying back silent with sweaters like me. Al, the guy who started the joint, felt bad that everyone was going to blame the weed, giving it a bad rep. Not everyone gets a bad reaction to it the way I just did. I could almost hear him thinking it, and felt like I was getting the information telepathically.

Then I saw my mother still in her seat, and I wondered why she was there, and not with the others, or even worried at all. I went over to place my hand on her head to read her thoughts, but it suddenly changed and I was holding a silver pen instead, and then felt the familiar feeling of my waking thoughts finally flooding back. I will now awaken in my seat and everything will be fine, I thought.

To my surprise, I woke up in my real bed. I can't believe how I can lose all memory of who I am like that, and think another world is my reality. Being a lucid dreamer like me, I will question 'reality' until the day I truly die, and may never find an answer.
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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