Breathing Underwater

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Breathing Underwater

Postby annie_dragonfly » 01 Mar 2015 04:31

This isn't a recent dream, but it was very strange.
My first memory of this dream is being underwater. I know I had been running from something (I dont know what) and had to go in an underground waterway to get away. I desperately needed air, but there were no air pockets or areas where I could breath. Eventually, I couldn't hold my breath any more, but instead of feeling pain in my lungs, I felt a strange bubbling sensation. I had this dream a long time ago, but I can still remember what it felt like vividly. It was a bit like feeling little bits of something gently colliding with the inside of my chest. I remember swimming around and I think I spoke with a few mermaids, but beyond that, I don't remember much. It was a strange experience, but not an unpleasant one.

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