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What's up?

Postby Thisguyagain » 02 Mar 2015 18:55

I'm thisguy (points at chest with thumb), and I'm new here. I've known about lucid dreaming for years, but haven't taken the time to practice it. I've had lucid dreams before during dream exit, and once through a reality check technique but I woke up immediately. I usually have passive dreams where I experience a sequence of events or semi-lucid dreams where I can consciously interact and make decisions but am not fully conscious of the fact that I'm asleep.

I've been dreaming for years, and often come into conflict with the dream authorities (a veritable men in black), who seem to not want me to ever become fully lucid again. Most of my dreams now are highly entertaining and keep me too focused to stop and question reality.

My dreams used to be chaotic and often terrifying, which is what lead me to unintentional dream lucidity in the first place, but these days dreams seem designed to passify me. There are also message and warning dreams, often about the state of reality, the threat of nonexistence, dreams warning of the planet being destroyed, turned to dust, or swallowed into nothingness.

These are apparently subliminal forms of communication from a source I seldom recognize, and which tend to improve lucidity, but I often experience dreams of distraction. last night I was in an mmorpg, interacting with other players.

I haven't played any games for a while and the game environment didn't resemble any I'm familiar with, nor do I usually play multiplayer games. I believe that this virtual environment is meant to entertain and distract, maintaining a dissonance between my dream and waking self, as are the other dreams I often have.

On occasion when I do approach some semblance of lucidity (usually due to the influence of the message deam entities) I'm chased out of the dream by agents (the mib), who surround my location with intentions of apprehension, forcing me to evacuate the dreamscape and re-enter waking reality.

Their goal seems to be to prevent me from experiencing full lucidity (but not partial lucidity, they want me to be able to react with, but not control or influence, the dreamscape), and from communicating with the entities who would aid me in becoming lucid and wake me to the nature of (dream) reality.

When awake I often contemplate the nature of reality and impermanence, and the eventuality of nothingness, attempting to reason a way to preserve the self. I have every reason to believe that reality itself is unreal, existing only as a construct but severely limiting the variety of possibilities and experiences available, but I have no way of acting on this assumption, so it serves as nothing more than a safety blanket to relieve the fear(awareness) of mortality and vulnerability, lack of control of self(actions and outcomes) or individual freedom of choice (concepts which I will never accept, hence the need to restrain me in realms where I might have more influence on reality than the waking one).

I'll add that I'm aware of "readers" but don't fully understand the implications, though I see evidence of mind control and highly suspect a subtle fascism born from the pseudo-Darwinian belief in an inherent genetic superiority (allowing for advantage in a much more competitive and miserable than necessary environment). I also suspect this could evolve into a hive mind, and would advise against it (human beings aren't meant to be cells in a larger entity with no self interest or need for self preservation).

I believe this relates in some way to lucid dreaming and the dream scape since dreaming is, like reading, a practice in thought and could be influenced by readers.

(if it's not obvious, I am not a reader, or not a practiced one, if I have the ability)

Well, That's my introduction.


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