A dream from a few years back

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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A dream from a few years back

Postby Thisguyagain » 02 Mar 2015 19:36

My first contact with the mib dream authorities (before then I was only ever chased by the police, who I usually escaped relatively easily), happened a few years ago in a very vivid dream, from which I woke into a state of confusion, doing reality tests to make sure that I was now awake.

So, in the dream, I'm lying down on my bed, surrounded by four men in black ops dress, one of them different, like a doctor, or something, and he's doing some surgical procedure on me. They seem to have come in through the window.

I'm jolted awake by my grandma knocking on my bedroom door (I'm staying with my grandparents), asking if I'm alright, that she heard some strange sounds. I don't get up at first, feeling extremely drowsy, but she keeps knocking, so I eventually get up and tell her I'm fine.

She asks me what's on my nose. I look in the mirror (there's a mirror in my bedroom. not out of vanity, it was here when I moved in), to see a strand of whitish string protruding from my nose. I pull the string, and it starts bleeding, so I break it off (having pulled out a few inches of string), and it frays at the break point. It looks like some sort of fiber-optic cable. I notice my blinds and curtains aren't strait.

I call my mom (a nurse) to ask about it, and she says I should see a doctor. I get dressed and go to my mom's house (she lives down the street, I just moved out), so that she can accompany me to the doctor (she knows a specialist). So, we go to Atlanta (I live in middle Georgia), and we're waiting for our appointment, but I'm feeling antsy. I step out of the office to take a walk around the block, and as I'm walking, I notice there isn't anyone around. looking around, I realize I'm wrong.

there are a few people around, a person at the end of the opposite sidewalk, a few people in shops, but they all have something in common. business or casual, everyone is wearing black clothes. I pass the man on the opposite sidewalk and I speed up my pace.

Another man rounds the sidewalk at the end of the block, this time on my side. I go to cross the road. more men step out of the shops and alleyways. I panic and start running. They're closing in. I wake up in a cold sweat. I'm in my room. My nose is normal. My blinds are normal.

I do several reality checks to be sure I'm awake. I'm paranoid for several hours afterwards.... After that I wasn't able to remember dreams for a while, and lost all lucid dreaming ability. that was three years ago.


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