A dream from two weeks back

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A dream from two weeks back

Postby Thisguyagain » 02 Mar 2015 20:54

This is a dream I had on February 16/17, in which I nearly achieved full lucidity for the first time since I lost the ability three years ago. I started recording my dreams about a month ago, with the intention of regaining lucidity. This is the third dream I recorded.

I was on vacation, apparently with my dad, somewhere on the west coast (probably in California). The hotel had it's own pools but was also near a beach. My mom and brother weren't with us. we weren't sharing a room, and dad only really appeared at one point in the dream. most of the dream was general vacation stuff. chillin on the beach, at the pool, local clubs, exploring the town, flirting (unsuccessfully) with girls.

I don't remember much of it. The dream had a duration of three days. The three nights I slept at the hotel I had three weird dreams (within a dream, yeah, I know). So these dreams more or less had continuity, but were cryptic, and I only vaguely remember certain aspects of them. Since the dreams had continuity and I didn't remember them in order, I'll just list the concepts communicated in the order I wrote them down in my journal.

There's something hidden in the Pacific ocean, and the way to find it is to find the place in the ocean where there's fresh water instead of salt water.

There moon being an asteroid defense system.

A visual in which the earth was hit by an asteroid, but "the space rock bounces off like the earth is made of super soft rubber" (as written in the journal).

A visual of earth flying through space warping and changing it's shape while colliding with (and bouncing off of) other planets.

A city or structure constructed of circular crystal plates (forming a dome shape) seems to generate some sort of visible energy field mimicking it's shape on a larger scale.

A nonexistence field or unreality barrier being used to "protect" the earth from outside forces of influence. A

visual of the earth being swallowed into oblivion through what appeared to be a black hole which wrapped itself around the planet.

Again, I'm not sure of the exact order of these weird dream within dream visions.

On the last day of the vacation it's time to go home (back to the east coast), so I grab my coat (I don't know why I have a coat if it's warm enough to swim), but I forget my phone. so, we're going back in a truck and I'm riding in the truck-bed with a girl who occasionally appears in my dreams, but whose face and form, I never see. (Dad's driving. this is his only appearance in the dream The girl's appeared several times in this dream and others, but I never remember her or our interactions.... there's more to this). The girl gives me a pair of earbuds she got me as a gift (a sign of affection referring to something I read about successful relationships and commitments while awake the previous day.

I don't know if she was teasing me about the content of what I was reading or if she was saying that we're in a serious relationship, but this reference to a waking memory brought me into a stronger state of awareness and I was closer to lucidity for it). (Before I could gain full lucidity though,) I realized, due to not having anything to plug the earbuds into, that I'd forgotten my phone at the hotel.

I ask dad to turn around or stop, but he refuses. at which point I decide to leap from a moving vehicle in traffic (we just got onto the interstate) and somehow roll/land without injury. I was thinking this would force him to stop (somewhat drastic action for a phone...), but he keeps going, leaving me behind. so I make my way back to the hotel on foot. It's night when I get there, and the hotel is mostly empty, except for an older woman who either owned the hotel or was the receptionist, or both (I'd seen her earlier in the dream).

I returned (with permission) to the room I'd stayed in to retrieve my phone. I had some light conversation with the small group of teenage girls who now populated the room, found my phone, and then returned to the hallway to call my dad. He basically tells me to find my own way back, so I rent another room, opting to stay the night and fly back in the morning. After a little more interaction with the girls I'd met (about an hour or so.

I'm apparently really social and easy-going in dreams....and there's a game room and snacks, so why not socialize?) {for the record, I'm 22 and the “teenagers” range from 16-19}. The receptionist enters the room, claiming to have seen something weird in the sky. Looking out the window, I see what at first I think is the moon, but which turns out to be a 2d icon of a cup on a plate (like from a tea set), slowly making it's way across the sky. The stars turn into facebook “like” symbols, and the sky fills with unsolicited ads.

It's kind of ironic now that my reaction is to log onto a computer to find answers. Every bit as confused as I am over what's going to, the girls and receptionist look to me to figure it out (cause I'd know....?), so I try to google the phenomenon to see if I can find evidence of anyone else experiencing this.

But as I start to type, the website changes to a fake website full of ads and takes control of the browser. I can no longer control the browser or computer, it's like a virus. Frustrated, I look up to realize that I'm now alone. The hotel is empty and dark. The hijacked browser begins taunting me.

Then I hear a helicopter. The building is surrounded. Blacked out vehicles and agents. A spotlight shines through the window, illuminating the dark room. I lock the doors. Try the browser again. It doesn't work. I try to call out on my phone. It doesn't work. It's infected too.

I try the landline (wireless phone with a digital display), no tone. Messages print on the phone display. Menacing, taunting messages and threats in between marriage propositions in multiple different fonts. (Marry me!). And finally, “Useful Idiot!”. The phone display blacks out and I wake up, extremely confused.


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