Beginner Help?

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Beginner Help?

Postby luckycloud » 04 Mar 2015 16:12

Hello! I'm a beginner, though I've been trying at the practice for the better half of 4 months. No matter how much Mnemonic chanting and visualization I attempt, I cant seem to get this. I reality check constantly, and I start to think I'm making progress, but I never get anywhere! However, last night I came close. I relaxed completely, repeating "Everything will be okay, you are dreaming" and "tonight I will have a lucid dream", and after some minutes I couldn't feel my limbs but I wasn't paralyzed, my breathing also spontaneously opened and it felt like my lungs we're just OPEN. Then my hypnogogia became more vibrant than I'd ever seen it, with deep bright hues of purple as if they were on a tv screen. Yet throughout this entire experience, I was desperately fighting the urge to swallow. Right as I said to myself "WOW this is new! Okay I think I need to start trying to materialize a dream scene now", I gave in, and I swallowed. I screwed up the entire experience and my focus was lost. My journal has been slightly dry lately, but I'm trying my best to write down even what I can and can't remember. Please, any tips you guys have would be amazing, thank you! :)
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Re: Beginner Help?

Postby taniaaust1 » 07 Mar 2015 12:23

That swallowing issue is a hard problem to have, I used to get it and like yourself it caused me to loose opportunities to become lucid. I don't have the issue now but don't know why it went away unless it was due to the contoured pillow I brought to support my neck when doing LD and it puts my head a little back so maybe saliva just runs down my throat better? (its got a big hump on one side I use for doing LD and a smaller hump the other side which I use for sleeping).

Anyway, that swallowing problem sooner or later may just go. I used to hate how the more I thought about it, the worst it was.


Sleep paralyses, not everyone gets it and you may go into a LD without it so don't wait on that.

Your reality checks.. I suggest to share what you are doing with these as sometimes beginners are doing something wrong there and setting themselves up to fail.

I suggest to add awareness periods in your day (or even working on this all day) at trying to stay very observant of your body and everything around you eg as you walk into any room try to observe all you can about it, as that could filter into a dream and aid in becoming lucid without a reality check.

There is also WBTB you could try to trigger off some first LDs
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