Advice please

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Advice please

Postby cosmoz » 04 Mar 2015 19:08

Hi I have had lucid dreams my whole life, if fact just found out they weren't normal! I go through stages when they are every night and wake up feeling like I have not slept. Does anyone know if/ how I can turn it off?

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Re: Advice please

Postby jasmine2 » 05 Mar 2015 06:28

cosmo, if you have had lucid dreams throughout your whole life, have you learned to communicate, at least intermittently, with some dream characters?

You could look around for dream characters who seem to have the most self awareness, intelligence, and wisdom, and who are most willing to talk to you. You could ask these characters to help you understand why your lucid dreams sometimes interfere with your sleep, and what you can do to minimize this problem. If you establish a good relationship, you can ask for their guidance regarding many life situations.

Are there some recurring dream themes which concern life issues which you need to deal with more effectively? Before you go to sleep, you can help incubate dreams by imagining what you want to dream about -- some specific idea or challenging situation.

It doesn't matter whether the dreams are lucid or non-lucid, as long as you can establish some communication with your unconscious dreaming mind, and you learn to make personal associations to the meaning of sometimes bizarre dream metaphorical imagery. It is very helpful to keep a dream journal, and to honor significant dreams with drawing or painting, or other forms of creative expression.

When you are awake, and in a meditative state of mind, you can sometimes imaginatively continue conversations with significant dream characters, or ever with abstract dream objects. This can be especially helpful in helping to work with emotionally challenging situations.

Carl Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz have written wise books about exploring the psyche with this kind of "active imagination".


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