Influence of this message board in lucid dreams

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Influence of this message board in lucid dreams

Postby Alvar » 07 Mar 2015 06:25

I thought I'd share something interesting that's been happening to me since I've been monitoring the posts on this message board. The information I read here as tips has been popping up in my lucid experiences. Before when I found myself in a dream that was fading I would try whatever came to mind to see how to prevent waking up, but now I remember something or other I've read here and try it.

For example, just yesterday I had at least three lucid dream experiences that were highly influenced by posts I read here. Here's how:

-I don't know who said it but in one of the posts a person spoke about staying quiet on waking up and re-entering the dream that was just taking place and turning it into a lucid experience. I did that and it worked so easily that I did it again and again as I returned from lucid experiences.
-I found myself in my bedroom, but wasn't too sure if I had woken up or was still dreaming and looked at my alarm clock. The numbers were green, when my alarm's clock are usually orange, and they were fading so that I couldn't see the time clearly. I looked at the wall and there was another digital clock there, which is not there in physical world, and in that one the time was actually running backwards. I was able to walk out of that room and out of my place knowing I was in an LD. I got the tip about checking the clock or watch here.
-I was already lucid but wanted to experience something other than my place, so I told myself that I would open the door and that would place me in another dream where I needed to see something. I did and instead of the hallway I would have normally seen outside that door I was able to walk into a cavern, knowing I was in a dream. The door-opening tip also came from this message board.
-When another lucid dream was fading I remember the tip of focusing on a little detail and looked at a leaf that was on the ground and as the leaf became clear so did the rest of the dream. I picked that tip here as well.
-And finally the whole idea of just talking to dream characters and asking them for help I also got here. It hasn't quite worked as I'd like it to -- in one case the DC just hugged me and in another case an LD just shook her head no, no way, and walked away, and all of them did when I asked for guidance in the dream world. But I have been greeting these dream characters and smiling at them and they return the greeting, so I think I'm starting to make progress.

I'm sharing this because I've developed a new habit, especially before weekends, which is when I tend to have more lucid dreams, and that is either reading about or thinking about lucid dreaming before bed. I've come to this board a number of times to do that and it's clearly paying off. I've had these experiences for decades, but rarely multiple ones on the same night, and just being focused on the subject by reading what others say has helped. I also just want to say thanks to those who've shared what they've learned. :D

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