REALITY CHECKS: Understand it more deeply

Discuss lucid dreaming techniques including dream recall, MILD, WILD, meditation and other ways of attaining lucidity in dreams.
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REALITY CHECKS: Understand it more deeply

Postby rymdsol » 08 Mar 2015 15:13

I strongly believe in reality checks (and really putting lucid living into those reality checks) being one of the most effective techniques out there. Sure if you just want to induce 1 LD then maybe WBTB technique would work out better but in the long run to form your brain to be more aware in waking state so that awarness in time will swich over to your dreams feels like the perfect skill to have. Here´s the best description i found on how to more deeply understand the use of reality checks.

Stop thinking. Become the witness.

''If you pay attention to what happens when you become lucid within a dream, you will notice that you literally get pulled out of your thoughts and into lucidity. You are initially trapped in this day-dreaming state of mind, not considering anything around you. And as lucidity begins to set in, your thoughts start to subside and a new level of awareness begins to arise from beyond the thought-stream.

Unfortunately, in waking life we don’t normally get yanked out of our thoughts and into transcendence out of nowhere. It requires that use our will to re-direct our attention. So right now, as you read this, I want you to stop what your doing. If you’re just passively scrolling through this, take a moment to focus. Take a deep breath right now. Inhale…now exhale.

Take the next 10-20 seconds to stop thinking. Don’t think about not thinking, just don’t think. Listen to the sounds that are happening around you. Maybe you hear the wind, or cars outside, or maybe you hear an undertone of silence. Whatever sounds you may hear, don’t think about them. Don’t judge them, comment on them, or label them. Just listen, without thinking. Now, pay attention to yourself as the listener. Who is the one that is listening? And who is the one that is AWARE of the one that is listening? There is something listening, but there is also something noticing the listening.

When it comes to dreaming, there is the dreamer (which is you who unconsciously cruises through the dream world), and then there is the awareness of the dreamer. This is where lucidity sets in. In waking life, there is the one who lives (your ego, personality, etc.), and there is the one aware of the one who lives (your soul, pure consciousness). When you take a moment to snap yourself out of autopilot mode, you will notice that the one who operates within autopilot mode is not you. It is just an aspect of you, that YOU can become aware of. Take a look around you. Really take a moment to actually see. Who is the one that is seeing right now, and who is the one that is aware you are seeing?

Don’t just hop on board with your thoughts and emotions, or even your experience of the world around you. Take a moment to notice your thoughts, emotions, or experience. Notice, and then notice that you are noticing. Feel the sense of an alert presence arise within your being as you remain still. You are now lucid living.''

/By Steven Bancarz
''Dreams are real while they last, can we say more of life?''

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Re: REALITY CHECKS: Understand it more deeply

Postby Aussiedreamer » 12 Mar 2015 10:56

I have been following this line of approaching LD. It first appeared in spirit science site. It is a conceptual approach which will work for some and not others. I am taking the view and applying it...experimenting. Other. People are wired a different way And other approaches may work for them.
Why do I like Steve's approach? Well it has worked in understanding my place in this body.
I focus on my body with my "awareness". Not my mind. I see that as an expression of spirit. The mind creates the image. Inside with images and outside with constructs. The body is a construct.
Anyway my "Body" disappeared below my waist (I was on the edge of sleep in bed). Almost simulare to a strong undercurrent had shook me out of the body's boundaries. Only a moment.
No lucid dreams so far. Light dreams. Am gonna try a banana tonite. Choline bitarate just keeps me awake. Am drying out some mugwort. I am trying that again as I remember years ago having a dream that has not left me...mugwort.maybe.

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Re: REALITY CHECKS: Understand it more deeply

Postby The Cusp » 23 Mar 2015 14:44

There's three main ways to use reality checks.

The first is to confirm the dream. I've never had much use for this one. If I can think to do an RC in the dream, I already know I'm dreaming without it.

The second is for mindfulness, like Rymdsol suggested. After an RC fails, do you go back to the mindless routine you were doing before? Extending your reality checks with mindfulness will give you random spontaneous lucidity, where you just know you're dreaming. It's a feeling I can recognize.

The third use is archetypal engineering, where you change the very definition of what you are using as an RC on an archetypal level. By default, what does a door mean to you? It's something for safety, privacy, to keep the weather and bugs out. By repeatedly performing reality checks, you gradually begin to change your personal meaning for that trigger. Ideally, when you see a door, the first thing that pops into your head is about lucid dreaming, and not about opening or closing the door. It takes time and plenty of repetition for these archetypal changes to occur. Maybe even doing it hundreds of times.

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