Made out with a guy I haven't seen in 10 years

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Made out with a guy I haven't seen in 10 years

Postby pluginmango » 08 Mar 2015 22:23

When I was 7 years old I started taking up karate lessons because my dad did it too and I loved watching him train. I practiced it for 4 years and won 2 silver medals (not bragging, just proud of little 11-year old me). My sensei at that time was a really handsome man. Tall, black hair, dark eyes, bit of tan...At that time I thought he was "cool" not "handsome". I was the youngest and smallest in the group, so he always mocked me for being so tiny and fierce :lol:

ANYWAY, fast forward to a couple of days ago when I dreamt about meeting him in the cafetaria (next to our dojo). I remember seeing him sitting alone at a table and I wanted to say hi to him so I went over and asked him how he was doing and we started a little conversation. At a certain point he asked me how old I was and I answered I was 25 (at that time I became lucid, because i'm actually 23 in real life). Also, he still looked exactly the same as he did over 10 years ago. He replied: "Wow, 25 huh? My little fierce warrior has become a beautiful young woman!" in a kind of flirty way. I have to admit it turned me on a little, so I played along with it. He then asked me if I considered taking up some lessons again and I answered: "What do you mean? I've heard you left the dojo a couple of years ago?"(I actually heard from some friends that he stopped teaching because he was having back problems) He looked kinda surprised, but proceeded like: "Well, if you want I can give you some "private lessons" with a little smirk at the end (the cheeky bastard). That really got me going so I wondered if I would be able to kiss him and I leaned in to it and he grabbed me by the back of my neck and we started making out BIG TIME. I felt really uncomfortable so I pushed him away again and he made a little joke about me playing "hard-to-get". Then I started feeling really embarrassed by what had just happened and I woke up immediately.

For the record, I haven't seen this man in almost 13 or 14 years so it really struck me that I suddenly dreamt of him in that kind of way. I also didn't have any feelings for him when I was little 'cause he was my old teacher and "that's gross".
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