My 1st EVER Lucid Dreaming threw accident[threw DILD]

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My 1st EVER Lucid Dreaming threw accident[threw DILD]

Postby Johnny » 04 Jun 2012 08:04

Okay so dream recall is not needed people.I aint got a dream recall whats so ever and i remember my dream.I basicly remember my dream from the moment i became lucid lol.I aint got idea what i was dreaming about before.Dream recall is not needed because ur brain wakes up when u realize its a dream i remember everything perfectly.

So dont torture yourself with months of dream recall because i cant remember the last non lucid dream i remembered i dont even remember this one i remember only from the moment i got lucid.I remember from that moment everything PERFECTLY.Oh it was an amazing experience

I was in my uncles room and i remember looking at my hands and on my left hand there was a deformed extra finger like a crabs leg.I am seriousl.From the moment i saw my finger i got so exited i almost pissed my pants in the dream.I started dancing in the dream and saying:YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then i got a little bit scared.I said to myself:What if something goes wrong and some creatures start coming out.And later i said to myself:No,its my dream,they wont come and if they come i will fight them.ANd fear went away and i started spinning and rubbing my hands.

And here is where i come and have a question.My arms were so heavy like 1 ton they weigh.I barely could rub them like 2-3 times and i barely could spin.Its like my motoric part of brain wasnt awake 100 percent.I swear to lord.But i was 100 percent aware that i was dreaming.Look at all theese details i remember and dream lasted no longer that 30 secounds.Time was passing the same IRL because ur aware ur dreaming so...ANyone saying they spend years in dream=bullshit.:D i know im no expert but i mean its true.

I belive WILD is a lot of better,i didnt have one but il have soon.Because Rebeca said WILD is 100 percent as RL because u never lose conciousness.I mean in DILD everything is so cloudy or perhaps its just to me or motoric part isnt awake for sure.How can someone control DILD dream lol,i mean i barely controled my walking and all :DDDD.

I then watched myself wake up.I was so exited and i couldnt spin or rub my hands so i woke up.LOL.It was awesome.Everything disappered and i woke up and opened my eyes and it was like i was already awake.I mean its not like when u normal dream and wake up and then u rub ur eyes and wait for ur brain to awake,i got out of the bed like robot lol and did a reality check to check if its not false awakening who knows :D!

I woke up from the dream 50 minutes ago and im so hyped up and happy.It was an amazing experience for my first lucid dream.

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Re: My 1st EVER Lucid Dreaming threw accident[threw DILD]

Postby Shadow » 04 Jun 2012 08:32

I know i'ts exciting but try to stay calm and stabalize the dream. WILD DILD MILD and WBTB are ways of getting lucid. Once your in there how vivid it is is up to you. You should read rebeccas articcle on how to increase dream clarity and the one on how to prolong lucid dreams.

threw=through :geek:

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