my first lucid deam! Sooo messed up!!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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my first lucid deam! Sooo messed up!!

Postby markuskk » 10 Mar 2015 03:44

I have tried to take a brake from lucid dreaming lately. But i still think ever night that it would be cool to have one!

Tonight i ha one. My first. Totally random. Have not tried to LD since august 2014 (ca). And today. One week befor my birthday i had one. (Best birthday gift ever!)

So over to the dream.
I was on a road trip with my class (i work btw. Done with school a year ago) to a random city. There were people there who never was in my class. But just friends. We got to the hotel. And i found something strange in my pockets. I took it up and it was candy. I saw out the window from a roof hiiigh up in the skyes. I saw two police offisers who was biking (police is one of my dream sights). Then we were gonna go out with the class in a new buss. When i walked down i found something new in my pocket! I could not take it up, bevause it was security guards there, and i had no idea what i had in there.

I got out, fine. They did not search me. And i was standing out there. And two 'badass' guys where there from my class, and asked if i wanted to go and take a beer. I said no and walked in the buss.

We started to drive. I had a great time with my friends! Then i said to them "some strange thinks has happend to me, found some weird things in my pockets" my friends said it was pretty strange indeed!

They asked what it was. I had not taken out what i had found earlier. And it was more candy! A different kind though. We ate it. All of the sudden a random girl is trying to take her moth around my head. I said "nooo! Stop! Get away!" Then the buss stoppes. And the drives didn't drive before we had calmed down. We could be killed if we where on the wrong place in the buss

(Then i get this weir feeling, it was a bit scary)

The girl wanst a human. Or she was, but a pretty scary one with a big mouth. When i turned around a nother girl was standing there. First time she was in the dream. She was a girl i have seen before at my school. She was stearing at me, with a scary look in her eye. I asked her "you have not been here before. You came now? Right?" She answerd "that is correct"
That moment i said out loud "THEN THIS IS A DREAM!"

And all was switched out and i was in a daaark room! I was sure this was a dream. I was awake and dreaming. I could think and see things. I moved slowly, like i was in water. Then i hear this voice answeruing what i've just said "no, this is JESUS" and i freaked out!

Things started to fade away. But i thought to my selfe "focus on the picture on the wall!" And i did. It came back. I was still pretty scared. And then i was in my ladys room. But i vould not turn around, i was stearing in the white wall. I knew she was sleeping behind me. I tried to move but i couldn't. Then injust eanted to wake up. And i did! When i woke up i could not move my body! But i tried to lift my feet up. And i did it.

I was awake! I had so much adrenalin pumping through my waynes. And i thought to my selfe "what the fast did i just do?!"
The first thing i did was write it down here while listening to Jimi Hendrix.

I'm wide awake! And i'm happy i had my first dream. It's the middle of the night and i have to get up in three hours. But i'm happy it happend. I hope some of you guys could respond to what i just wrote here. What i can do next time this happends or just something! Haha. Sorry if there is some weir words in the text. Writing a long text on an iphone is not the easoest thing to do for me lol.

From a soon to be 18 years olf guy from norway who just had he's first Lucid dream!

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