Several problems during lucid dreams

How to control and prolong lucid dreams, increase the intensity, work with dream characters, and communicate with the subconscious.
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Several problems during lucid dreams

Postby LloydNewman » 11 Mar 2015 04:16

I tried lucid dreaming 6 years ago and my very first one I was able to fly, talk to DCs, and had no issues. I stopped keeping a dream journal and lost interest. A couple months ago I took it back up and have had 5 lucid dreams since but all except one I've ran into a number of issues.

One LD I tried to ask if god was real but couldn't move my mouth and my dream started breaking apart, I looked at my hands and started spinning to try to stay in the dream but my hands exploded and I woke up.

In all my LD's, excluding my very first one years ago, I cannot fly. I can jump extremely high and can float a foot or so off the ground, glide around at very high speed, but I cannot stay in the air.

Another odd bit is that I've only ever had 1 DC in a LD. Twice I have been talking to a DC and became lucid but as soon as I do I am forced to turn around and when I turn back they and any other DC's are gone. The lone time there was a DC I was in an LD without any and started asking why there wasn't anyone for me to talk to and the strangest thing happened. Myself from roughly a year or two ago appeared (I used to have a beard and snake bites, I also dressed completely differently) and this version of myself was rather aggressive and insulting towards me and wouldn't answer any questions. The only thing that really stuck out is he told me to "give up chasing the cat", which oddly enough a different lucid dream of mine started out in a dark area and I was following a cat.

So far the only successful LD goal I've accomplished occured when I asked what the source of fear was. A pink orb appeared and took me to a place I can only describe as hell but I was completely calm seeing it. The orb took me back to where I started when I asked it to, so I then asked how to get rid of fear and it said "To embrace peace and love, as is the duty of all men", I then had a lengthy conversation with it that I vaguely remember parts of.

So has anyone ever dealt with things like this? I would like to ask some things like seeing a past life or ask some in depth questions about the functioning of the universe. I know a lot of people think you're only interacting with your subconcious in a dream, but from what I saw with the pink orb and some things I've heard others like Robert Waggoner talk about there is a higher conciousness behind the dream. Thoughts?
When asked how to get rid of fear, "Embrace peace and love, as is the duty of all men" - Pink Orb from a lucid dream

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Re: Several problems during lucid dreams

Postby thealems » 29 May 2015 23:35

Thanks for writing this, was very interesting to me. I'm not religious so have never asked about God though.
Usually when I talk to a DC and then I become lucid, they disappear, and then other DCs appear (in the same environment).
Another thing is that the moment I become lucid, I seem to hover a few inches above ground (not because I want to, it just seems to happen for some reason). This is usually when 'I think I might be lucid' turns into 'I'm definitely dreaming'.

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Re: Several problems during lucid dreams

Postby Crow648 » 13 Dec 2016 03:59

To fly, I have found that you need total control over your emotions, you need to think happy, peaceful, embracing, and loving thoughts in order to fly (you need to be "free" from everything) and stay afloat properly. The other things you talked about I do not know how to handle that, but please try my method of flying. :D :D

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