A different type of dream journal.

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A different type of dream journal.

Postby Gen » 08 Jun 2011 02:15

I just had an idea and wondered what people thought of it.. or if anyone has tried anything like it..

This year for the first time I have kept a good dream journal, my dream recall has increase phenomenally as a result, so I can definitely vouch for journaling as an effective dream enhancement technique.

I have been thinking a lot about how this works and other ways it could be used.. So my thought today is about keeping a faux dream journal of your reality checks throughout the day. Does anyone journal their reality checks?? I'm thinking of writing them down as if they were dreams, something along the lines of:
"I am getting into my car, I notice a lady with red shoes walking her toy poodle, think this is odd and do a few quick RCs. I hold my nose and find I cannot breath. I look around for something to read and check the time.. I don't think this is a dream.." etc..

Writing these experiences down may act on a different part of the brain and help to better anchor the idea into the subconscious. Does this idea resonate for anyone?

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Re: A different type of dream journal.

Postby Jonathan » 11 Jun 2011 05:57

Gen, I think that sounds like a great idea. You could include this info as part of your overall dream journal.

Have you been doing this? Has it seemed to help you become lucid?

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Re: A different type of dream journal.

Postby SaraM2261 » 25 Jun 2011 22:06

We need a timer ap on the smart phones for this too!!
I think it would be great to have a reality check timer with a place to journal the reality check!

I think it's a great idea.

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Re: A different type of dream journal.

Postby rdubya » 25 Jun 2011 22:16

Don't think you will get any argument here. There are endless tests that can be done to find ways to improve the mind. Just let us know how it goes!

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