WILD attempt

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WILD attempt

Postby jimmyjames » 16 Mar 2015 06:33

had a semi-lucid dream last night, while I was attempting to do WILD. Every time I woke up and began counting my breaths to stay focused (I read this was a good technique), I would lapse back into non-lucid dreaming where I was counting something else. I found this incredibly frustrating; Now I realised that I should've constantly reminded myself that I'm dreaming when I was in that state instead of counting my breaths, as I would've lapsed back into a lucid dream them.

Anyway, I did have a dream where I was trying to walk/drive up a very narrow path that wound into the sky, and ended at a massive bright crescent moon symbol (I created a symbol for lucid dreaming a while ago that involved a crescent moon) I kept falling off this path at extremely high places, and experiencing extreme vertigo. After I fell from a particularly high point, I woke up slightly, and realised that I had been dreaming, and then willed myself to return to that scene. My vision was very blurry and I tried to feel the path in order to increase dream stability, but I fell off again. In hindsight I think this dream was symbolic of me in the early stages of attempting to lucid dream, being a beginner.

Any tips would be great (I put this in the "Share your lucid dreams" section before realising it's more suiting to this beginners section)

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Re: WILD attempt

Postby Pika? » 16 Mar 2015 08:26

WILD is not really an Ideal technique for beginners, mainly because it is difficult to nail. There is plenty of room for screw ups, and also less common than spontaneous lucid dreams(DILD). You might get easily frustrated which will prevent you from having further lucid dreams. I think you are better off practicing reality checks,dream journaling, MILD(ideal for beginners),meditation. You should also try WBTB, which is kind of the most powerful technique. Combined with MILD its very effective, you might get an LD within a week or less. Only a few of my 51 LDs were WILD, which were actually botched MILD/WBTB attempts!

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