Had 3 lucid dreams and can't go on

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Had 3 lucid dreams and can't go on

Postby badenjoon » 16 Mar 2015 23:39

Hello, I am trying to have a lucid dream for a month or two, I don't know exacly which technique I use, I do reality checks, I have a dream journal and I think "I will have a lucid dream" before I go to sleep.
Although, I had only 3 lucid dream before a few weeks and I just can't dream lucid anymore. I dont know what am I doing wrong.
Also, In my dreams it's like that I am at some place and at some point I notice that it is a dream and can decide on myself only. I mean that I can't move things, only move myself and decide what I do. I have control on my lucid dream but it is very limited.
So what am I doing wrong and how can I do other things and go into place on my dreams? because when I have a lucid dream I float with the dream and it is not very differ from a simple dream except that I know that I am dreaming.

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Re: Had 3 lucid dreams and can't go on

Postby taniaaust1 » 20 Mar 2015 12:08

I don't think you are doing anything wrong. Be patient and keep trying
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